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Jan 28th 2013 at 7:48 PM

Naked color clothes do not have too much money. but, Nude shoes must possess, high-heeled shoes, each pair of shoes, smashing showering to buy the most classic quality best styles, for clothing, black is the universal color, for shoes, nude is. Absolute winter, summer wear what shoe is more headache. UGG was one of the most never abandon, The shoes are giving me a headache. My shoe is composed of, Buy Air Jordans Online Shop 1/3 super high heels, 1/3 super flat, and 1/3 of the various ethnic groups, including Crocs canvas shoes,Oxford loafer and Ninja shoes etc. High-heeled fish mouth based on must prepare a pair of naked color, it can answer a party or any place in formal dress and season, if you drive I strongly recommend that you are just like me.

I do not know is it right? Due to the full 30 years old, this summer I heroic utterance in flats. As you know, almost all the major suit flat shoes sole that is a flat thin as onion skin, is really ugly, but it was a day off, the damage is not inferior to the ankle and calf high-heeled, the shape will be more humiliating, ankle will more and more short, look worried people, like being blunt impact heel gradually, although Buy Motorboat Jones 9s For Sale not high heels are tired, but warm boiled frog, time see outstanding service. Determination of Crocs and comfort is first-rate, but even the feet don't sweat no foot odor, Summer naked feet and rubber contact so long time will send out a kind of strange smell, take a shower if not fierce brush are very difficult to remove, and if you go dress style this kind of shoe is certainly, but elusive.

And the center, quality than the best possible is that with a little soft with involution suede shoes, fundamentally dress pants to match, color well not only full of retro smell, but also can show Sen female feel, I thought this can buy good stuff, achievements Buy Fire Red 5S Online 2013 It became a burst this Taobao, walk on the road hit a high proportion of the shoes to my care not to hit the paragraph people be struck with fright. So in the summer than in winter, really difficult to many many, I really cannot give what brilliant proposal, unless we have plug-in -- there is a brand of the deity, it developed a series of mat, a soft silica gel, and sponge, a forefoot, also after the foot. I bought two pairs of thin flat heel cushions, what can not be increased, but the buffer effect is still very good, I had to walk outside two or three hours home didn't feel the pain.

At the same time there is a supernatural being, it is the rubber dots a small a small star, dedicated to wear stockings high-heeled shoes with foot, because silk is slippery, single shoes wear out very easily, so you can according to the situation of sole free play, posted on the need to increase the friction of the premises, so you even if the lubrication wear stockings can be single shoes tightly glued to their feet, and do not have to worry about walking shoe flew off awkward scene rendering. Jordan 13S He Got Game For Sale I am another main experience is: if I have walked out of a long road or standing for a long time, I will put pressure on pantyhose, and half soles that, as far as I know a lot of the operation table stood all day nurse will wear this to avoid varicose tights, not only on the leg well, it will have a very good role in shaping. Basically I buy opaque dark, because I remember the ancient god a word of advice: black silk can not wear, must wear opaque, translucent impermeable that looks like a sandstorm as country.

Another point is that: you can check my leg length, if not the supermodel that, try to expose the ankles, significant effect of leg length scale shape perception, with an ankle Jordan Bred 13S For Sale straps must be prudent choice, try to expose the instep, may be visually lengthen the leg length, for many southern girl it is easy neglected. Finally, kindly give a buy shoes tips: though we are yellow, green clothes do not have too much ( that looks like naked ), but, Nude shoes must have shoes high-heeled shoes, each pair, smashing showering buy most mortgage is the best format.


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