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Nov 19th 2012 at 11:55 PM

High-heeled shoes is every female in daily life a part, if the improper wearing it is easy to lead to obvious foot pain problem. Small as thenar clinically, corn, plantar callosity, there are other malformation such as mallet toes, etc.Although is so painful that many women still have a special liking for high heels. According to the American podiatric surgeon association report: 42% of women admitted that they don't wear high-heeled shoes
retro 9 for sale cheap don't comfortable and give up to wear high heels; 73% of women have already suffering from diseases linked with high heels.

Sports medicine experts say: if women must wear high-heeled shoes of words, please note that some prevention measures, you can't avoid all the high-heeled shoes, but, can take the time to think of the height of the heel suit your height and Kilroy 9sthe appearance of the foot. No matter when you wear shoes should be tightly or bound in your foot type. If excessive increase the height of the shoes, will cause damage. High heels limit foot activities, increases digits of local weight distribution, digits of the extrusion conditions are very serious!

In the common problem of the most common pain and hemorrhagic blisters. Follicular place is most likely to encounter wear and deformation. High-heeled shoes would not cause bunions, but will increase the performance of the inflammation. With the appearance of the height of the shoes and play an important role. When the foot on the insideretro 9 jordans the shoe, the body forward tilt, increase bone pressure makes bunions inflammation more heavy. Please change the wardrobe placed some low heel shoes, such alternate wear shoes, can help to reduce the occurrence of bunions, let joint have stretch of space and time.

If you wear high-heeled shoes too long, you need to two questions very experienced: corn and plantar callosity. The dead skin of thick layer organization often appear in the digits or feet edge, these areas are the body absorb to face the impact of the upper part of the body. If corn and callus continue to develop, appear even ingrown nail (come to shoe pressure), http://www.airjordanretro9kilroyforsale.comsuch symptoms tip: shoes is not suitable for your foot. In addition, can also cause mallet toes (damaged digits downward buckling), digits and shoes way friction cause pain. If wear high-heeled shoes of words, such injury pain is more serious. At this point you'd better dress to wear low heel shoe, necessary need surgical intervention to orthopedic.

High heels and life crisis

Wear high-heeled shoes is like drinking in life as it is a kind of modern things, depending on is in different age to wear different height of high-heeled Air Jordan Retro 9 Kilroy
shoes is a kind of trend, mainly is to let the body feel comfortable, the key is to let wear high-heeled shoes it and age and physical consistent. Shoes with age should be the situation and change, because with the age increasing thenar fat in gradually reduce, can lead to pain occurrence or aggravate. At the same time, the need to pay attention to, will increase the bones of foot stress fracture and osteoarthritis risk coefficient. Some bone surgeon to try injection and silicon resin to repair the foot problem. And injection method does not mean that we can very good against the body's pressure, can't last long.
Clip toe slippers on people's health is harmful. Those shoes videotapes front feet because of the lack of force support, toes naturally to are on the march clips shoes, slowly curled up into a claw. At the same time, because the body centre of gravity inclined Jordan Retro 9 Kilroy
to former sole, arch excessive joint force, this can lead to a foot pain and inflammation, may form hallux valgus. In addition, people wearing flip-flops, in order to balance anteverted body, the waist natural back, as time passes, will damage the spinal cord.
Suggestion: continuous wearing time shoulds not be too long, it's best to wear one day a day of rest. Attention should be paid to forepaw thong material choice, as far as possible to choose a soft, does not stimulate skin material. Merchants to join
Ultrathin flat bottom shoe
When the person on the heel of the impact force can one's leg, along the spinal column, through the head. Heel too low, feet on the moment the whole body weight up to 60% of the weight pressure in the catch up with, road, upload impulse would cause the ankle, knee, hip and lumbar and other parts of pain. Long wear flat shoes will accelerateAir Jordan 9 Kilroy For Sale
plantar ligaments and bone tissue degradation, causing heel pain.
Suggestion: heel height to 3 ~ 5 cm the most suitable.
Pointed leather shoes
Pointed leather shoes to toe have plastic type role, make toes serious squash, easy to induce toenail embedded, hallux valgus. Shoes tip position the space is little, the air circulation, difficult, easy to cause the bacterial growth. Pointed leather shoes for the first half of foot formation pressure, easy to cause the poor blood flow, in the long run, the blood is difficult to nutrients, such as heat and oxygen supply to toe department, easy cause foot deformity. Merchants to join
Suggestion: in the growth development period of adolescents,jordan 11 for sale feet in constant development, grow up, do not suit to wear narrow cusp shoe.
10 centimeters high heels
Put on more than 5 cm above the high-heeled shoes, because the heel to the sake of service, the focus on pud palm, makes the ankle stability variation, easy to have the risk of ankle. Not only that, but also will affect the knee, because the center of gravity forward line, easy to excessive knee unbend, will accelerate joint wear and degradation. In addition, the pelvis will also forward tilting, causing waist sour backache.
Advice: if wearing 10 centimeters high heels, should be in the shoes of internal to add some relieve pressure of the inner pad, such as silicone gaskets, can alleviate the forepaws pressure. Merchants to join
Platform shoes
Platform shoes shoe is too thick, easy to make when the person body forward and lose focus, sprain foot joints, foot bones or ligament. According to a Japanese jordan 12 playoffs for salecollege study found that 23% of women for wearing platform shoes in the street walk body imbalances and fell to the ground, thus cause damage.
Suggestion: choose platform shoes as far as possible when choose sole area is larger, more flat, this will increase the stability, can prevent falls, and at the same time, the height of the shoes had better not exceed 5 centimeters.
Leggings high-heeled sandals
In the lace, in order not to let the tape down, will likely will crus tightly tie up, so that a man in the march forward in the process to easy to cause the blood circulation impeded.
Suggestion: leggings tape should choose a wide, so can reduce the tape cheap Jordan Retro 4 for saleto the pressure of the legs.

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