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Oct 23rd 2012 at 11:58 PM

Watching the kangxi female star shoes, discovered the girl really good love shoes. Previous total to come play in the home of friends for shoes too much, but then went to a female friend to play home to find that I was just pediatrics just.Retro 9 Photo Blue Remember before also heard that a female friend by parents coercion to clean their own shoe ark, after the baptism and left 100 to double. The boy speaking can't understand. Then there is one thing also let me some shock, because side a more butch female friends, always thought that she should not spend in shoes what big price, because her shopping limit just 30 minutes, every day is a pair of converse. Results one day she told me last time we went to a party that black high-heeled shoes,Retro 9 Photo Blue For Sale Joyce is bought, more than 2000 block. Very shocked, and this double she's only wear two only. The boy is difficult to understand. Because usually men's shoes just leather shoes and sneakers, a pair of shoes will wear for a long time. The last time I was two thousand piece shoes to rotten. Never let it in the cupboard with gong.

First explain to me the idea of wedding shoe. That clean out treasure, spend a few money, buy a pair of top spread full red tablet plus the same asperses full JinLiang tablet bowknot of cheap shoes, I don't wear to marry (even think about nothing! . A lot of girls to suzhou Retro 9 Photo Blue 2012buy a hundreds of pieces of wedding to do a wedding, I'd have no big opinion, everyone idea is different, buy a house decorate do wine all the way spend money like water every day feel to bankruptcy over person, also can understand.But it can't understand is wear dozens of pieces of shoes. Think about it, the wedding ceremony the same day, you run east ran west also with smile to the uncle's uncle toast, there are many hard ah. Dozens of pieces of shoes, do not say first shu uncomfortable, first lining maybe is inferior artificial leather. Good bride, night wedding, and kicked the shoes, well, the foot smelly.

But I don't quite agree with to get married buy a pair of good shoes, but later any further not chance to wear. Sometimes, you think you have a chance, but won't wear.Jordan Retro 9 Photo Blue Pick style, choose material, choose to get to wear.In fact, marriage gauze is face, is to give others to look (work material good marriage gauze to care to their own comfortable and pleasant). Wedding dresses and the good shoes, is to oneself good. Ages ago zhuhai citizens easy hadn don't lining, and now everyone to keep pace with The Times, some will be the face engineering everyone hate desperately, lining good is really good.The second is the height of the heel how much for good?

The harm and high-heeled shoes also is be obvious to all, but girls still can't http://www.retro9photoblue.comown to put on, what ridge vertebral side bend, what toes deformation, all don't care. And often in the mountainside soho area see wearing high heels go down the mountain lady, been to Hong Kong friends all know that BanShanOu way famous steep. Although, bars, but also of no less mountain climbing, but many girls in the road with vigorous strides of walk, trot, let a person see more quite surprised.In addition to the crazy girls shoes may also comes from the diversity of women's shoes. All kinds of famous, all sorts of styles, from the Jimmy Choo, red shoes, Manolo retro 9 black photo blue price pre orderBlahnik to street shop fashionable shoes, everything. Sometimes walking in lane crawford also can not help but be those beautiful women's shoes attraction, but also think girls wear high-heeled shoes really is very beautiful, so usually highly recommend female friend to buy those than day high heels.The above all shoes are Alexander McQueen, feel that he has made the women's shoes like art the same.

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