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3 years ago

ResellersPanel Domain Name Web Hosting Reseller Program

Jan 22nd 2014 at 5:57 AM

Free Reseller Program - Web Hosting Reseller

Free Reseller Hosting Program

The Free Reseller Program follows a proven, simple business model. It allows you to sell web hosting services without having to own them before that. This is a key difference between our Program and most of the hosting reseller programs available online, which require you to own the hosting service before you can start selling it.

The ability to sell web hosting services without owning them makes our reseller hosting program perfect for anyone on a tight budget or with no budget at all. You can become a reseller of virtual private serversdedicated serverssemi-dedicated servers, shared web hosting accounts, domain names and SSL certificates at the price of a simple, free signup.

Your reseller profit will be the difference between our wholesale prices and the retail prices, which you set for each product. Each of our resellers can take advantage of all the benefits the Free Reseller Program has to offer - free turn-key front-store templatesfull service branding, a flexible wallet system, easy store setup and management, and much much more.

The Free Reseller Program can be managed via our easy-to-use Reseller Control Panel, which will allow you to quickly customize your reseller store template, modify the product pricing, review statistics, boost your reseller anonymity, etc.Are you ready for a loyal and easy-going business relationship with Resellers Panel?

Turnkey Web Hosting Reseller Business

What do you need to start a reseller hosting business? An online store from where to sell your web hosting offers, the actual web hosting offers, a data center, a billing system, a client support team, a qualified system administrator, a team of developers, a big budget. And now you can have all that with just a click of the mouse – at no cost at all, through our Free Reseller Program! Start your own web hosting company today!

We, at ResellersPanel, believe we have found the right formula to allow our customers to create their own web hosting companies – by creating a fully automated process, which allows our clients to concentrate on what is really important – finding new clients. We will take care of all the rest. After a simple signup procedure, you will receive an online web hosting store, based on one of our 5 ready-made store templates.

On this web hosting store you will be able to sell our web hosting offers – shared web hosting plans, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, simple domain name registrations and even SSL Certificates. You can sell them at your own, custom prices, collecting the difference between the price you name and the wholesale price of the particular plan itself.

Our well-trained staff will take care of the sales verification and customer support procedures. Our system administrators will take care of setting up and maintaining all the servers and our developers are constantly working on new additions to our web hosting offers.And no one ever has to find out that you are a reseller – we offer a complete white label solution – your name will be on all the documents sent to the client, on their Web Hosting Control Panel and, with our Private DNS Cluster offers – in all their DNS settings.

Private Label – Guaranteed Anonymity

Reseller hosting is a very prospective online business that helps spread the popularity of the website hosting services throughout the Internet. With our free private label reseller program you have the chance to tell more and more people how important it is to have a website nowadays.

Through our unique turn-key approach to reseller hosting, you can set up a private brand web hosting company of your own with minimum effort! We’ll back you up with our expertise absolutely anonymously, providing hosting, billing and support services to your clients, hidden behind the mask of your private brand.

There are several ways for you to set up your private label reseller store. Our reseller hosting platform offers a variety of store set-up options that will meet whatever requirements you may have.

Data Centers

When you own a web hosting company, it’s essential to have a good data center, since this is where all your servers will be housed. When you create your own web hosting company with the help of the Reseller Hosting Program courtesy of ResellersPanel, you will automatically gain the ability to have customers located in 3 different data centers, depending on their location.

3 data centers available for hosting customers
Currently, customers can select between: our US data center – Steadfast, located in Chicago, Illinois; our European data center – Maidenhead in the UK; and our Australian data center – Global Switch, located in Sydney. While the US data center is a perfect choice for customers from the USA and Latin America, our UK data center is an excellent choice for customers from mainland Europe or Africa.

Each data center is powered by A-class hardware and is working with the biggest ISPs in the country to ensure a fast connection to the outside world and a top-quality internal network. All data centers are well protected against any natural disasters and are manned by qualified technicians providing support 24/7/365.

Reseller API – Now You Are In Control!

Reseller API v.2.0 gives you the possibility to design a 100% custom reseller web store, set it up to interact with our reseller web hosting system and manage your entire reseller business from your Reseller Control Panel. Gain now full control over all web hosting services, which you can offer: shared web hosting accounts Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, domain names, SSL certificates! Simply choose between the two billing options provided – to connect to our billing processors using order forms of your custom design, or to introduce a fully independent billing system of your own and get it started!

API (Application Programming Interface) Overview:

If you are ready to invest more programming skills and efforts, make use of all the advantages offered by our Reseller API software version 2.0. Now you are in control! Check out the advantages that the Reseller API offers in comparison to other means of achieving a winning private label presence:

  • You can set up all your web hosting offerings and prices – shared web hosting plans, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, domain name TLDs, upgrade and renewal services, SSL Certificates – entirely independently from us, abiding only by your own marketing conception.
  • You can bill your customers yourself and immediately receive your reseller commissions, instead of waiting for our commission payments, which are usually sent not less than 30 days after the given customer account setup payment is a fact.
  • You are able to remotely create account names in our system, program all your business the way you want it to work, and easily manage everything from your user-friendly Reseller Control Panel.
How It Works Scheme

How It Works Scheme

Special discounts – higher profits!

Another big advantage of our ResellersPanel API software over all other private brand building options is that, if you set up a fully custom design reseller store with a payment gateway/billing processor of your own, you can benefit from our attractive wallet service payment discounts. We will give you money for each wallet refill!

Available bonuses with the respective deposited amounts:

AS BONUS $45 USD $220 USD + 0% $221 USD $440 USD + 6% $441 USD $880 USD + 11% $881 USD $1760 USD + 14% $1761 USD $2260 USD + 17% $2261 USD $3000 USD + 20%

If you deposit $500.00 USD in your wallet, you will get an additional bonus of $55.00 USD (this is 11%). The total amount which will go to your wallet is $555.00 USD. If you deposit $3000.00 USD, you will get an additional bonus of $600.00 USD (this is 20%), and the total amount which will go to the wallet is $3600.00 USD!

API Order Form Functionalities:

The order page functionalities provided by our API create a secure communication environment between your custom signup page and our billing system.You can set up the signup steps the way you like – either all steps on one single page or on separate pages:

  • Username availability checker more…
  • Shared web hosting plan & semi-dedicated server features/pricing more…
  • Dedicated and Virtual Private Server features/pricing more…
  • Domain name availability checker/pricing more…
  • Domain name & hosting account registration more…
  • Get company & contact details (for billing option 2) more…
  • Get ResellersPanel’s Terms of Service more…

API Billing Options:

  • Use a payment gateway/billing processor of your own
    This option gives you the opportunity to be entirely independent as far as the billing side of your reseller hosting business is concerned. By setting up a payment gateway of your own choice, you will be able to collect your reseller commission in real time, i.e. all reseller profits will go directly to you, without having to pass through our system. The connection between your billing system and ours will be serviced by the reseller wallet functionality, through which we will withdraw the wholesale price of each newly ordered account/upgrade from the incoming retail price payment.
  • Use ResellersPanel’s billing services
    You can automatically connect your reseller store’s order page to our billing processors, thus saving yourself time and costs. Leaving the time-consuming billing setup work to us will let you focus more closely on the look and feel of your unique reseller hosting web store. The commissions you accumulate will be sent to you in accordance with our reseller commission payment schedule. If you choose this billing option, you will have to take into consideration a few basic requirements imposed by our billing processors, when building up your order page.

How to get started:

  1. Sign up for a ResellersPanel account.
  2. Log into your account and read carefully the API Terms of Service.
  3. Make sure that you correspond to at least one of ResellersPanel’s requirements for gaining access to the API. Then turn ‘ON’ the Simple Mode from the ‘API settings’ section and enter the URL of your website.
  4. You can now download the API documentation and set up the scripts for establishing a connection between your site and ResellersPanel’s API. Make sure you have a properly set up API-compliant order form prior to proceeding.
  5. Choose if you would like to use your own billing gateway or the billing services provided by ResellersPanel. Send a request for the activation of the Advanced Mode with the preferred billing option selected.
  6. As soon as you’ve received an Advanced Mode activation request approval, you can start reselling our services and enjoy the multiple benefits of maintaining a 100% unique private brand reseller hosting presence!
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