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Repurpose Your Articles in Seven Unique Ways

Mar 11th 2014 at 7:23 PM

Article marketing is one of the best ways to present your message online. It costs little to no money and runs on autopilot as long as you leave your articles online. It’s basically a set it and forget it method.

But were you aware that your articles can be repurposed? Yes, you can present the same content in seven unique ways.

Here’s a snapshot:

  1. Rewrite articles using the same basic theme
  2. Create Kindle books, EBooks, or special reports
  3. Use article content for YouTube videos
  4. Create podcasts with article content
  5. Include articles in your email follow up series
  6. Post excerpts on social sites
  7. Tweet short article snippets on Twitter

There’s a snapshot, now let’s launch into the details.

1. Rewrite Articles Using the Same Basic Theme

The articles you create can be used multiple times. The same basic theme can be used for several posts in various places. You can post to your blog, guest post, or post to article submission sites.

A word of caution: Change the theme and wording enough to give each article a unique feel. Otherwise, people will basically see the article over and over. You want each article to offer something unique even if it is the same basic theme.

You can rewrite your articles in the following ways:

  • Personally rewrite each article
  • Employ an article spinner to do it
  • Outsource the writing

Any one of those methods will work.

Repurposing your articles in this way will allow you to get more exposure to each one, and they’ll continue to work for years on autopilot.

Doing this is also especially important if you’re outsourcing the work. You want to be able to use the content more than once.

2. Create Kindle books, EBooks, or Special Reports

Kindle books, EBooks, and special reports are quite popular these days. But you might be thinking, “I don’t have any content for a Kindle book.” Have you published articles? If you have, repurpose those articles into EBooks or special reports.

Granted, you have to have a lot of content to do that. But you’d be surprised at how little content you need for a special report.

Take a look at your articles and see what you might be able to combine in order to make an EBook. In the Internet Marketing niche, for example, you could look for articles that focus on landing or squeeze pages, hosting, word press, autoresponders, and traffic.

How do proceed once you’ve rounded up the articles?

You might organize your material like this:

  • Select a theme
  • Put together several subheadings
  • Use boxes of supplementary information
  • Include material for bullet points
  • Think of some corresponding affiliate offers
  • Choose material for the body

Next step is to create your EBook. That’s it! You’ve created an EBook or Kindle book from articles. Producing a special report is similar.

3. Use Article Content for YouTube Videos

One of the best things you can do for your business is to create YouTube videos. But like a lot of marketers you may not know how to make videos or simply don’t want to be visible in the videos.

How do you get around such obstacles? First of all, if you don’t know how to make videos, give yourself some training. Secondly, you don’t have to be visible in the videos. But you may want to narrate, though it’s not obligatory.

Learning how to create video is easy. Go to YouTube and do a search. You’ll find plenty of how-to training videos explaining the process.

Once you’ve done that it’s time to get what you need for the task. You’ll want to get video capture software such as Camtasia or a free equivalent.

Then choose a theme, gather appropriate articles, and put together a power point presentation. Import it into your video capture software and create your video. Finally, post the finished video to YouTube.

Here are a few tips for creating videos:

  • Keep your video length at 6-8 minutes
  • If your video content exceeds 8 minutes, break it into shorter chunks
  • Edit carefully before & after recording
  • Be enthusiastic when recording

People love videos and this is a nice way to repurpose your articles. Like articles, videos will provide long-term residual results.

4. Create Podcasts with Article Content

When posting content you do well to post various kinds of content. You want to appeal to all types of people. Some prefer to read, some prefer to watch videos, while others simply want to listen. Podcasts fit the last description.

Putting together a podcast is as simple as taking an article and using its contents. Doing this allows you to masterfully repurpose your articles while satisfying those who prefer to merely listen to your content. Podcasts are a win-win for both of you.

Once again, if you need to learn how to do it, search YouTube or the Internet for training.

5. Include Articles in Your Email Follow up Series

Have you ever found yourself wondering what you were going to do for a follow up series? If you have plenty of articles, repurpose them for additions to your follow up emails.

This is another good way to get more exposure to your articles. You don’t necessarily need to change the content, since they’re going into your email series. If you do decide to make changes to the content, they’ll likely be minor and not too time consuming.

Once you place the content in your email sequence, it’s there working for you around the clock. Each time someone joins your list, the articles you place in your series get more exposure.

Another bonus to this is that you’ll likely be able to break your articles into two, three, or more emails. What an easy way to add to your email follow up system!

6. Post Excerpts on Social Sites

Social media is highly popular these days and you can use that popularity to your marketing advantage. You can do so by sharing excerpts from your articles.

What social platforms should you use? While there are several excellent ones available, Facebook and LinkedIn would be good for starters. They provide excellent platforms for posting excerpts from your articles.

If you haven’t already, sign up and fill out your profile at each site. Then, post excerpts from your articles that blend well with your profile. If you’re focusing on the work at home niche, let your social contacts know. If it’s weight loss and nutrition, make it clear.

It’s best to focus on one niche and post excerpts from your articles accordingly.

Don’t go for the hard sell. People on social media generally don’t appreciate that, and will stop looking at what you post.

Instead, provide helpful, yet incomplete information to those in your niche. Your content should be helpful in the sense of providing something useful, but incomplete in the sense that you have a product or course that provides full details.

Of course, you invite them to your articles, via your excerpts, and while visiting your blog they’ll discover the solution to their needs. But don’t try to sell your products on social sites. If you do, you’ll strike out.

When you provide information that helps those in your niche, they’ll tell their friends and contacts. Your content will get far more exposure.

7. Tweet short article snippets on Twitter

Twitter is another site in which you can easily share snippets of info from your articles. This platform is much like Facebook and LinkedIn with one notable exception: The length of your posts will be vastly shorter.

With Facebook and LinkedIn it’s possible to share a paragraph or two, whereas on Twitter you’re limited to generally less than a paragraph. But even at that, with some careful forethought, you’ll be able to tweet short snippets that will attract the interest of some of your followers.

Like Facebook and LinkedIn avoid posting sales pitches. If what you post looks like classified ads, your followers will largely ignore them. Conversely, if you tweet helpful gems that arouse curiosity, your followers will look forward to your tweets.

So here again is a great way to repurpose your articles. You can get several tweets out of just one article. Remember also to tweet the same snippet several times during the day in order to give it maximum exposure.

Ingenuity, Imagination, and Creativity Required

If you didn’t realize it before, you now know that your articles can be repurposed in a number of ways.

You can repurpose your articles into:

  • Kindle books and EBooks
  • YouTube videos
  • Follow up emails
  • Excerpts and snippets for social media

There are many ways to repurpose your articles. By using your imagination and being creative, you’ll be able to get years of good exposure out of each one of your articles.

Through good old fashioned ingenuity you’ll be able to think of even more ways to repurpose your articles. That indeed will lead to years of online prosperity.

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