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Relaunched MyPIP Income Challenge Review

Jan 24th 2013 at 4:21 PM

My review of the relaunch of the MyPIP Internet Income Challenge online income opportunity by multimillionaire online marketer Paul Birdsall.  But first a little history about the program and Paul Birdsall.

I started with Paul Birdsall's original Internet marketing training program call My Partner In Profit (MyPIP) back in Oct. 2011 and I must admit that looking back now, that it has changed my live.  Before I joined MyPIP and learned the "correct" way to market online, I had lost over $6,000, on different online income opportunities and was spending over 5 hours a day trying to market my income programs.  Since then I have now earned over $18,000 from several different online income programs and am now earning over a $1,000 per month.  So as you can see I have been a "big" supporter of Paul Birdsall since and these have included his past MyPIP Express and  90 Day Internet Income Challenge programs.

Paul started the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge program back in Jan. 2012, to help "newbies" to learn basic online marketing, plus allow them to earn some money while they were learning and building their marketing lists.  And it used the ZNZ AllinOne and ZNZ Cash income programs to do this.  But the problem with the  ZNZ income programs is they were limited to only people that lived in the US, Great Britain, and Canada, so this was stopping the program from reaching the larger international group of people that wanting to join, learn, and earn also.  A personal note here - I made over $3,000 from this program during the 9 months that 90 Day Internet Income Challenge was in affect and I am continuing to make money from the ZNZ Cash program today.

So Paul changed the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge program to the new MyPIP Income Challenge program in Oct. 2012 and had it tied into the MyPCBackup affiliate program, to make the program more international in scope.  Well the MyPCBackup company backed out of its agreement with Paul less then 2 months latter, and stop paying their agreed immediate sign up affiliate commissions.  So Paul had no choice but to relaunched the MyPIP Income Challenge program again in Dec. 2012, but this time using the Trial Bux affiliate program (which works a lot like the old ZNZ income program, except it is open in all countries).

Of course the relaunched MyPIP Income Challenge program is still FREE to join, and still has income programs that do not require you to purchase or sell anything in order to start earning money.

What Does the Relaunched MyPIP Income Challenge Offer? First the new program looks almost nothing like the old program that it replaces.  The new MyPIP Income Challenge now offers the following:

(1.  The FREE (Trial Bux) income program that will pay you to do FREE trial offers from Fortune 500 companies and pays you when your affiliates do the same.  And it is paid directly to your PayPal account .
(2.  Additional monthly commissions from the FREE trial offers that you and your referrals do from the new Affiliate Offer Vault.
(3.  Additional residual monthly income from five other income sources. 
(4.  FREE step by step online marketing training designed just for "newbies".
(5.  A great marketing list building system for "newbies".
(6.  FREE capture pages, banners, training videos, autoresponder letters, webinars, and ad copy.
(7.  A Facebook support group.
(8.  Availability to upgrade into more advanced marketing training (like SEO, PPC, ad tracking, video marketing, etc.).

And UNLIKE other online income opportunity programs, that just sign you up, just so they can take your money, and then just "hang-you-out-in-limbo", giving you no idea of what to do next.  This program has step by step instructions and videos designed just for the Internet "newbie".

Plus your income and commissions are always either paid to your PayPal account or monthly to you by check (no need to use those high priced and slow payment processors like Payza, Solid Trust Pay, or LibertyReserve).

In fact as long as you follow and do his step by step marketing instructions, you can NOT FAIL to make money with his program.  I know this to be true as I have been making money for the last year and a half, using just his marketing training..

But Paul's programs will only work for you if you are willing to learn the marketing, do the work, and put in a little time.  If you feel that you do not have the time to do marketing or just do not want to learn online marketing, then you should just join "passive"  type programs (a program that requires no referrals to earn) like BannersBroker, Profit Clicking, or EurEx Trade

But I can tell you have I have used what I learned from Paul's market training to grow a affiliate down line in even these "passive" programs, which has expanding my earnings 5 fold in each one of them. 

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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