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I am an entrepreneur and started my first and current business in 2004. Entrepreneurship has been something that has been in my family all of my life. My dad worked for himself most of his life and I had a chance to work in the family business of servicing office equipment.

I have for the most part of my life have worked in manufacturing building boats. It was a very exciting field but never gave me what I was ultimately seeking....freedom. I began searching for ways to get out of the rat race and in 2001 was introduced to the painting business. I worked for a while with my brother whom had his own painting business but after a while, I realized that owning my own business was my utlimate desire.

In the time I spent in the manufacturing industry, I learned many key skills needed in being able to grow your team and business. From team building and leadership development, I was able to gain valuable training to become the leader I needed to be in order to succeed.

Now it is my desire to take what I\'ve learned throughout the process and share with other aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs to be a better leader in their niche.

If you are serious in becoming a success in your world, I encourage you to connect with me and invite you to go down this journey called Success.

Thank you for visiting my page.

To your success,
Tony Aponte
Tony Aponte | tapont71

Regain Your Passion

Sep 20th 2010 at 10:26 AM

Regain Your PassionI wanted to really expound on last Fridays quote of the day because it is just so important. It was on reconnecting with your WHY. When you go through life development, you learn a whole lot of “lessons” in life. You go to school and your teachers teach you the fundamentals of what you need to endure in the real world. Your parents teach you right from wrong. They help you develop moral values. And in doing so, you start to develop your own passions in life. And there is no such thing as a wrong passion. You are all dissimilar in what drives you to reach your passion.

Life Happens

What happens though throughout your lifespan? You get older. You make friends. You make acquaintances. You start to make your own decisions in life. Things start to happen in your life. Your life becomes a byproduct of your decisions. On top of that, all your life you have been schooled that in order to achieve your passions, you must go to school, then graduate from high school. Go to college and get a higher education. Afterward, you go to corporate America and work for 30-40 long years until you retire. So you have been “programmed” to go through this cycle but in the process of it all, you forget how to find your passion in life. You get so wrapped up with having to come through in corporate America that you end up putting your passions to the side just so you “can succeed.”

Do You Actually Succeed?

Look at your life now and ask yourself if your NOW is where you wanted to be. Have you gotten sidetracked from your passion of life? Are you satisfied with your NOW? You see, you hear of your WHY so much but you really need to think about your NOW in order to be able to reconnect with your why. Once you do that, you will have a better idea of why you haven't been able to attain your passions in life.

How do you regain your passion for life? For starters, self improvement is key. You must invest in yourself as a person. When you do this, you start to look at your passions in a different manner. Money tends to actually come out of the equation. You start to realize your purpose in life. In finding your role in life, you tend to reset your mental attitude about your life and realize you must take action NOW in order to achieve your passions.

In the following articles, I will be going into this subject deeper on achieving your goals. You see, I haven't achieved my goals SO FAR but am on the journey to do so. I invite you to join me in going down this path of self uncovering and achieving our passions.

I encourage you to please leave me a remark on what is your passion. Have you reached your passion? If so, what have you done to accomplish it? If not, what are you willing to do in order to find your purpose in living. The one thing I want you to derive is that your NOW does not dictate your WHY. Remem er, the only way for you to reach your passions is if you ultimately take command of your life.

Please to comment
Dec 2nd 2010 at 1:35 PM by drkelp
Thank you. It is so easy to get sucked into the rat race and forget about what makes life worthwhile. I love meeting all the passionate people here on IMFaceplate. Our fellow Faceplaters show us that passion comes in many forms and directions.
Oct 7th 2010 at 8:01 AM by tapont71
Hello Catherine, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I totally can relate. You get so caught up in life that sometimes it seems like you're in autopilot until you finally take a "break" and realize what you have or have not done. The important thing is to take that moment and to finally put things in perspective. Don't spend too much time in pondering on what you "should of" done, but on what you can do from now on. Its never too late to get your life back in order. You definitely need to stay connected with your WHY daily in order to stay focused. Thank you for your comment. To your success
Oct 5th 2010 at 8:52 PM by catherinedwhite
Hi Tony, I have been evaluating my way all year. It all comes down to the most important thing to me, my family. I have not reached my goals in life yet either. I am still on the path of self discovery and achievement. Do you ever wish you could have an over button. I would change so many things. It is hard to look back on the mistakes I have made in my personal life but I think it is essential to move forward and accomplish my goals for the future. You "WHY" should always be in the front of your mind, not the back. I enjoyed your article and will check back for more.

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