Reasons For Having an Opt-In List

Sep 19th 2011 at 12:22 AM

Let’s have a question! What good is an opt-in list? It really sound like a stupid question on Internet Business surface because everybody knows that an opt-in list is a must if you’re marketing anything online. We always listen to stories from big-time marketers who say all they do is send out an email to their list and each email makes them a lot of money. So that’s the first answer that comes to mind, but it’s not the only reason. Here are some more. Here we have some of them: 

>> People on your list are the fans who will comment on your blog, thus giving you credibility and helping new visitors to trust you. 

 >> They’ll give out the word about you on forums – they know what products you offer and won’t hesitate to tell others who have a need. 

>> They know who you are at Internet marketing seminars and this means they’re comfortable talking to you because you’re not a stranger to them. Some great joint ventures have come out of these conferences. 

>> Your subscribers can ask you questions and ask for help when they have problems. Not only do these problems allow you to help people and feel good about it, they give you something to blog about and often suggest excellent ideas for products to create. So you satisfy their needs and provide them with products and they become happy and loyalty customers, which represents more income earned. 

>> Working to establish a relationship with your customers many of them will become friends. They build you up when you’re going through a rough patch and take you from going wrong when you’re heading off in the wrong direction. There are many benefits to having a list community. 

It is not always easy having a list that people stay on. You have to earn their trust! Why should they like you? What makes you different from the other gazillion marketers? What can you do for them? These are questions you’ll need to work out. 

First and foremost, you can’t abuse them by bombarding them constantly with promos. If so this tells your subscribers you care more about your wallet than you do about them. 

Secondly, help them, give them info that is valuable to them, and offer more freebies than just the initial one that got them on your list to begin with. Build trust by keeping your quality constantly high, and come through with your promises. 

Your subscribers are important to your bottom line, for sure, but when you treat them right you’ll be part of a supportive community, get ideas for products, find amazing joint venture opportunities, and feel good being of help to others.

Felix Miranda
CEO Global Success For All


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