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Reaons People Join an MLM

Oct 2nd 2010 at 5:52 PM


1. extra income

Everyone wants more money so they can do more. People get tired of working to support their bosses’ lifestyles, and want their hard work to support their own lifestyles.


2. financial freedom

To be able to work your own hours from your own home, around your own schedule, flexible enough to take time off when your child gets sick. Not having to ask permission for a vacation!


3. having my own business

Owning a business lets you enjoy the tax benefits instead of paying income taxes as a worker and then paying sales tax on what you buy with the money you already paid taxes on.


4. more spare time

At first, your own business will take up a lot of your time, but after a while not only will you be better at it, you will be able to afford to pay others to do the boring stuff, like bookkeeping.


5. personal development

Growing as a person is a goal for each of us, and with your own business, the training costs are tax-deductible. Working with many different types of people develops your people skills as well. The 30-day Cleanse program with Mentoring for Free certainly helps me grow as a person.


6. helping others

Being able to offer others a way out of the rat race is very fulfilling, and watching them succeed is awesome. Helping people become financially self-sufficient is a joy. The Mentoring for Free people are willing to help anyone succeed in MLM regardless of what company they are with. I think that is wonderful.


7. meeting new people

Most people in MLM are positive-minded, and are a pleasure to work with. Most people is general are good to know and friends are a real treasure in life.


8. retirement

Not everyone wants to work until they day they die, let alone sitting alone trying to eke by on social security. A good business will grow on its own after a while and you can sit back (if you wish) and reap the benefits. If you choose to keep going, it’s your choice.


9. leave a legacy

Being able to leave something for the kids after you’re gone is a wonderful feeling. Knowing they’ll never go wanting for the necessities of life is a great relief.


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Oct 21st 2010 at 7:44 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Carolyn: Everybody has different reasons for joining a MLM program or any kind of marketing opportunity. I appreciate the list you have provided here. It helps us focus on how to help others and appeal to them better. :-)

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