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Oct 9th 2012 at 6:00 AM



GlobalOne started as and will remain a sound business, which makes a careful examination of each step it takes in providing you with several business profit centers, unique life changing products and services, and the ability to operate a long term business you will be proud of. GlobalOne remains committed to solid, transparent and ethical business practices, which will positively transform the way business is done. We thank you for being part of our continued commitment to such a unique global cause ... Please do not let the static-noise distract you from being part of this very special program.

From ONLY $10 a month..
» You can earn every 6 days in the cycler (Spinfinity)
» You can earn monthly income from the 3x10 company matrix (Infinity)
» You can get a share in the 50% company bonus pool (GoGlobalProfitPool)
» You can get up to 40% cash back in your own e-mall (iGo Shopping)

» You can get rebates from your own e-travel agency (iGo Travel)
» You can get commissions from Elements of Wealth products (Affiliate Marketing)
» You get the best marketing trainings
» NO REFERRALS REQUIRED, but if you have, you get 20% matching bonus 26x a month from each one of them!


$5 means as a TIN member, you paid $5 into this system and $5 into SPINFINITY. $12.50 apiece,
per system if you are a COPPER and so on - it is just a delineation of how the subscription fees 
will generally be broken down and shared between the two systems.

If THREE people on your first level (or any level) come in at TIN, you make .20/person 
- If those same three people came in at PLATINUM, you would earn $2.00/person or $6.00. 
The entire matrix will be 88,000+ spaces, so .20/person may not sound like a lot, b
ut if you were to multiply it out by 88,000, I'd imagine you would be quite pleased. 
Of course there will be a mixture throughout because your matrix will be filled with quite a variety of TIN/COPPER.... 
- but the point is - each position is equal to a value from .20 - $2.00

Here is an example if you have a Tin membership: Global One's Tin Membership

If you have no refs (no people in your generations), you will earn as follows:
i) payment every 6 days via Spinfinity
ii) payment every 6 days via the Global Profit Pool
iii) payment per month on ALL people in the LEVELS of your 3x10 matrix in Infinity as follows:
20c per Tin Member
50c per Copper Member
$1 per Silver Member
$1.50 per Gold Member
$2 per Platinum Member
iv) 20% matching bonus on ALL people in LEVEL 4 of your 3x10 matrix

You get all the above for your Tin membership of only $10 per month! I'm sure you will refer othersand start to max out the comp plan when you see the value you get for your money!


Let's Review the GlobalOne 3 Powerful Compensation Plan...


1. Infinity Overview by Scott Evans for Global One Ultimate Power Profits

Paradigm Shift ---> http://youtu.be/J82azO0CDHg

2. Spinfinity Overview by Scott Evans for Global One Ultimate Power Profits

Paradigm Shift ---> http://youtu.be/cr0LmtOYmQ0
3. Global One Profit Pool Overview by Scott Evans for Ultimate Power Profits

Paradigm Shift ---> http://youtu.be/mFuz98kqOhE





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