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REAL ESTATE - Turn Panic Into Profit in 2011

Feb 22nd 2011 at 8:12 PM
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Every segment of the economy has taken a beating over the course of the last years or so. Consumers are afraid to spend money, borrow money, or even go to work. The “irrational exuberance” of years past has been replaced by fear, trepidation, and a sense of foreboding. You, too, may be considering whether real estate makes much sense, given the state of the economy and other factors. 2011 can be the year that you turn the economic corner and create the kind of future for yourself and your family that you dream about, but in order to do that you’ll have to overcome your fear and take the steps necessary to achieve your hopes and your dreams. There are three simple things you can do today that can make it happen.

Recognize the Fear – First, fear is a natural impulse, especially in uncertain times. The source of your panic may be a stock market that has known more downs than ups in recent months, confusion about whether real estate markets will ever bottom out, or doubts about your ability to locate profitable real estate deals – or precisely when you should invest to reap your share of the profits available in real estate. Realizing what you’re afraid of is a critical first step in overcoming this fear. Are you afraid to invest because you’re not sure if you’ll make money – or is the source of your fear because you’re not clear about what specific techniques can help you succeed regardless of what the real estate market does next?

Embrace the Fear – It’s natural to be cautious and a certain amount of fear is actually good for you. It forces you to take a step back and take your emotions out of what should be purely economic situations. Instead of allowing yourself to be controlled by fear, embrace the fear – and find a way to overcome it. Real estate can be a scary place to be, especially when there’s some uncertainty clouding your vision. When you were a kid you were probably afraid of the dark. If not, you were afraid of helmeted men on motorcycles, clowns, or something else that seems silly to you now that you’re much older and wiser.

Overcome the Fear – If you look back on your life you’ll discover the key to unlocking the door to your fear. In each case, the one factor that has allowed you to overcome fearful situations has been education. Once you learned that there really weren’t monsters under your bed you were able to go to sleep each evening without trimming years off of your parents’ life expectancy with your blood-curdling screams.  Education is the key that will unlock the door to real estate investing success, too. By learning where to invest, how to invest, when to buy and sell, as well as how to guarantee that you can still generate cash monthly regardless of what the real estate market does, you will have in your hot little hands all of the tools necessary to create the kind of future you dream of.

There are lots of ways of using education to overcome your real estate investing fear, but they all involve learning.  Instead of trolling around on the Internet looking for educational resources you can trust, there is an easier way. While you have the freedom to do anything you like, it doesn’t make sense to pop from site to site, trying to judge whether the content on each site is timely, actionable, and worthy of your precious time resources. There are thousands of resources on the web – some better than others.

With a single mouse click you can have a valuable resource at your fingertips that can melt your fear and actually make you look forward to getting started today. www.reiconferences.com is just this sort of resource.Success in real estate today doesn’t have to take tens of thousands of dollars or years of searching. The process is simple.  In fact, it’s so easy that I’ve broken it down into 10 easy steps that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home. To learn more about how to profit from today’s real estate market without risking your life, your income, or your security, point your web browser to www.REIconferences.com

You’ll be glad you did, especially when you finally wrap your brain around the idea that such simple concepts can be so profitable – to you and your family – with nothing more than a little bit of time, a telephone, and an Internet connection.

Learn Step-by-Step how to become a successful Real Estate Power Investor with Charissa Cawley at http://eCa.sh/RealEstate

Charrissa Cawley has a long standing reputation for excellence as a gifted speaker, real estate trainer and wealth coach. Her strength lies in training entrepreneurs in the areas of real estate, investing and financial literacy. Her passion is bridging the gap between learning and doing. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world seeking financial growth by equipping them with the tools, resources and specialized knowledge to succeed.  Charrissa offers accurate and proven strategies to investors of all different levels and is the founder of www.reiconferences.com, one of the fastest growing real estate investment training organizations in the US in addition to www.rewexclub.com , the top rated Real Estate Investor Community on the web today.

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