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REAL ESTATE - How to Do A Short Sale

Feb 19th 2011 at 5:01 PM
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Real estate investors are working overtime right now trying to cherrypick as many profitable deals as they can get their hands on. Most investors concentrate the majority of their time on finding motivated sellers. Once they find a seller that’s desperate to get out from underneath the burden of a property they can’t afford, they walk away from the deal when they find out the seller owes the lender more than the property is worth. Instead of giving up at this point, roll up your sleeves and go to work on putting together a winning short sales transaction. Not only is it worth the extra effort, you just might find that you enjoy the challenges that each new day brings your way!

The market potential for short sales is breathtaking: According to government statistics, one in eight homeowners owe more on their home than it is worth. While every homeowner in this position isn’t necessarily interested in a short sale, you can clearly see the potential for runaway profits. Here’s how to tap into the profits that wait.

The first thing you need is a distressed homeowner with a property worth less than the mortgage balance.  Explain to the homeowner that you can help them walk away from their home if you can convince the lender to accept a reduced payoff. Most homeowners at this point are so desperate for viable solutions that they’ll jump at the opportunity. In order to convince the lender to accept your offer you’ll need to put together a short sales packet:

  • Cover letter – Consider this your sales pitch. In it you’ll explain to the lender all of the reasons you can’t pay full retail for the property. While lenders are prepared to accept much less than what is owed, they are in the business of getting as much as possible for the property. You’ll need to overcome their objections by building as strong a case for your offer as possible.
  • Sales Contract – Do yourself a favor and find out what kind of mortgage loan the homeowner has. If their home was purchased through FHA the lender is prohibited from accepting less than 82% of its value. If you want to offer significantly less than this, find a seller with a different kind of loan. Don’t worry, though. There are LOTS of loans out there that aren’t FHA.
  • Authorization to Release Information – Due to privacy concerns, the lender will require that you have the homeowner’s consent to discuss their account. A signed authorization gives them this permission – and they won’t talk to you without it.
  • Comps – The lender is desperate to be paid for the property, but they still want to know what the property is worth. Comps give them the information they need in order to make an informed decision about your short sales offer.
  • Net Sheet – If you’ve ever bought or sold a property before, you’ve no doubt seen a net sheet. All it does is give a breakdown of where every penny will be going and how much money they will be receiving for the property.
  • Photos – Most lenders won’t have a visual point of reference that demonstrates the condition of the property. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  It can also be worth thousands of dollars. Take the most unflattering photos you possibly can. It will lend credibility to your offer if you can demonstrate every visible flaw that the property has.
  • List of Needed Repairs – No house is perfect and homeowners in financial distress are simply unable to make repairs in a timely fashion. Go through the property and document every repair the property needs.
  • Hardship Letter – Every home has a story and every short sale packet has to have a hard luck story. Lenders are staffed by human beings who can be swayed by the heartwrenching details of how and why the homeowner is in the financial position in which they find themselves. There’s no need to lie to the lender – most borrowers in this situation have a compelling story. This is their chance to tell it.

Presenting this packet to the lender doesn’t guarantee that your offer will immediately be accepted without hesitation. Afterall, they are in the business of turning a profit. So expect to play a certain amount of cat and mouse. Telephone tag and back and forth negotiations are par for the course.

You have the upper hand in this situation. They have to get rid of this property before it becomes an even bigger headache to them. If they’re forced to foreclose it becomes an REO and brings with it an even bigger set of challenges, problems, and expenses. You don’t HAVE to buy this property if they won’t give you a decent price.

You have millions of properties from which to choose. They have two choices: Work with you on price or risk adding it to their growing list of REO properties.

By putting together a shortsales offer the lender can’t refuse you’re saving the lender and the homeowner lots of problems. While you’re at it you are creating tremendous value and instant equity. So utilize the short sale to sink your teeth into some of the profits available in real estate. Get started now and create real wealth that will secure your future.

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