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The idea that there is no alcohol anywhere in the Middle East is a common misconception and is usually an alarming proposition for anyone due to travel there. The reality is that, yes, most of the countries in the Middle East do follow Islamic law, and, therefore, alcohol is forbidden, but there are certain states that understand that it does wonders for tourism and business if revelers are accommodated. The rules around alcohol vary from one country to the other -- from Saudi Arabia, where it is completely dry, to 2022 World Cup host, Qatar, where alcohol is tolerated in hotel bars but not in public, to the likes of Dubai and Beirut, where lavish outdoor venues with signature cocktails are fighting to outdo each other. But there are also those in between -- Cheap Authentic Jordans Shoes in unexpected or uniquely historical locations. Gentleman, we bring you the top 10 bars of the Middle East.

Wadi Musa, Jordan Petra is the ancient city carved out of rock, as featured in the 1989 movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. At its entrance, the small town of Wadi Musa, is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which presides over the nearby Cave Bar, which is basically a 2, 000-year-old Nabatean tomb with a bar and restaurant built into it. House drink: Among the signature cocktails is a strong mix of old rum, blue carousel, Triple Sec, and brandy called Between the Caves. And after a few, that might just be where you end up. It may be part of a larger global chain, but in the context of this Middle Eastern state, it remains unique, as no other bar in the city offers the same array of Belgian fare, which includes beers, mussels served in small pots and pommes frites in paper cones. It the strongest ale in the country and is only available here. In the 1950s, it became a place for creative types to gather, and portraits of those patrons still adorn the walls. Frequented by Westerners more so than Egyptians these days, it is one of the most renowned places in downtown Cairo. House drink: Stella and Heineken are available, as well as a selection of wines. Depends on how intellectual you like to appear. Tel Aviv, Israel Depending on who you ask, this is either the longest bar in the Middle East or simply the longest pickup bar. It is certainly big, with a large, high ceiling, and is just the place to come to for a cold bottle of Goldstar, one of Israel own beers. The bar name actually comes from Jewish underworld boss Meyer Lansky, the man on whose advice the Mafia placed Bugsy Siegel in charge of Las Vegas Real Jordan Sneaker. His cohorts are said to have included Charles "Lucky" Luciano, but chances are you find a much friendlier crowd in here these days. House drink: Israel Goldstar beer. Muscat, Oman Oman recently celebrated its 40th National Day, and even had a visit from the Queen of England. That cause for celebration in and of itself, and the best place to head is the only rooftop hotel bar in the capital, Muscat. Sama Terrazza launched a number of theme nights, with ladies night on a Monday, where free drinks are given out to entice the fairer sex, and the all-you-can-eat seafood grill on Tuesdays. Both events offer enough reasons to celebrate your manhood. House drink: Go for an RBG, a long cocktail containing vodka, cranberry juice and peach schnapps. Opposite, you can see the world tallest building (and recent prop for Tom Cruise to rappel down the side of while filming Mission: Impossible 4), the Burj Khalifa, and below, you have the Dubai Fountain and the rest of the city before you. House drink: The Python is the newest cocktail on the menu, and it comes served in a Martini glass with a vodka base, topped with champagne and mint. It a heady combo of fresh, sweet and sour. An underground nightclub built on the sight of an old refugee camp, the decor is understandably Gothic, with the chairs folding up to resemble coffin lids. But the best part comes as the sun rises, when the retractable roof slides open to bathe the Lebanese partygoers in the morning light. House drink: The one to go for is Naji Mood -- with Naji being the club owner Real air jordan 3. House drink: The mojitos here are very well done, but we worry about F1 drivers stopping by for one too many.

Breaking the Color BarrierDuring his single season with the Monarchs, Branch Rickey of the Dodgers approached Robinson. Rickey felt strongly that baseball had to be desegregated, and he believed that Robinson was the man who could make it happen. Rickey lured Robinson to the Dodger's all-white farm team, the Montreal Royals, in 1946. In one season there, Robinson led the league with a . 349 batting average. Rickey promptly moved him up to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Then, on April 15, 1947, Robinson became the first black player to step on a Major League Baseball field since 1889. The Dodger YearsRobinson continued to play for the Dodgers through the 1956 baseball season. In the beginning, racial tensions ran high. One of the sport's most memorable moments came when his team captain, Pee Wee Reese, slung his arm over Robinson's shoulders in a show of solidarity before booing fans. In his first season, Robinson hit 12 home runs and led the league with 29 stolen bases order Retro 4S 2012. The Dodgers won the National League pennant behind his efforts. He led the league in stolen bases again the next year and was named the National League's Most Valuable Player. Over the course of his career with the Dodgers Robinson stole home plate 19 times, a league record. He led his team to a World Series win over the New York Yankees in 1955. The Dodgers traded him to the New York Giants two years later, and Robinson soon retired after the move.

DefinitionBlue oil is also known as chamomile essential oil. Two main types of chamomile exist: the German, or annual, chamomile and the Roman, or perennial, chamomile. German chamomile contains a beneficial compound called azulene, which gives the oil its distinctive blue color. A third variety, Moroccan chamomile, is also blue and contains azulene, but is less commonly sold in health food stores. To create chamomile essential oil, producers steam distill or chemically extract the essence of the daisy-like flowers. This extremely concentrated liquid often comes in small vials. Look for the label "blue chamomile" or "German chamomile. " Roman chamomile also contains healing properties, but the blue version works best on external skin irritations like shaving bumps, notes aromatherapy author Jeanne Rose Real Air Jordan 5. Direct ApplicationMost essential oils are too potent to apply directly to the skin, notes the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Yet blue oil, along with lavender and tea tree oils, are effective against bacteria and fungi while remaining gentle on human skin, says Rose. Blue oil may be dabbed onto the affected area without diluting in a base oil or water. Put one or two drops on a cotton ball and gently rub the chamomile over the shaving bumps once or twice a day.

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