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14 days ago

Rant! Nightmare on Madison Ave.

Nov 18th 2010 at 3:57 PM

This is a rant on two ads I just saw. Come on people! Let's use some common sense advertising when you set up your sales pages!

Do NOT get so hung up on the latest, greatest technology for advertising that you forget advertising basics!

These were not just ads made by newbies starting out. One of the guilty parties was a well-known marketer who probably makes millions a year!

Each time I clicked an email ad for the products I needed leading me to the sales page which used a video to make the offer. These were different products that I was ready, willing and able to buy. I had my credit card out because I needed both products.

The first pitch was a video made of a PowerPoint presentation. I started watching it, but it kept going and going and going. The end was never in sight, so I stopped watching. Life is too short.

The problem with the sales page was that there were no other links to take me to the order form. Nada, zippo, no order form link anywhere on the sales page. I am guessing the link to the order form was on the last slide. Don't know, never found out.

The second video was by the well-known marketer. If anyone knows about common sense advertising, it would be this guy. I started watching the video presentation of the product when I noticed at the bottom of the video screen that the video was going to run 12:38. That is 12 MINUTES and 38 SECONDS! Are you kidding me?! I have to watch this guy for almost 13 minutes? Why not just make it 60 minutes and put it on television as an infomercial? But I will give the guy the benefit of doubt because he was having a bad day?

I need the product. So where is the link on the sales page to the order form?

Not again! There is no link to the order form. It must be at the end of the video I am thinking.

TWO LOST SALES because of failure to use common sense advertising

HERE IS MY RECOMMENDATION! If you are going to use video to make the offer on your sales page, then be sure to include a separate link somewhere else on the sales pages to the order form.

Not everybody wants to read or listen to PowerPoint presentations or listen to talking heads. Create and add more traditional sales copy as an alternative. You know the kind; the kind with words and pictures, we call it common sense advertising. And do not forget the link to the order form.

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