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Quit Wasting Time!

May 6th 2011 at 8:32 AM


Possibly the longest article you've ever seen, but it's very important to your success!

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STOP BAD HABITS, START GOOD ONES. This report was written as a friendly reminder, a WAKE UP CALL of sorts.


Don't feel bad you're not alone. Its a bad habit that far too many develop and it takes up valuable time that CAN AND SHOULD BE USED to make progress in getting Traffic Going On Autopilot,Building a List and Learning All About Marketing. LEARN AND EARN. 1 hour of learning something new in marketing or how to improve what your doing will pay off much more than checking out all the new pre-launches and such. An entire day could be squandered this way, there's so many of them. If any of them are any good, they will be around for a while. Instead of trying every new thing and hopping around, which doesn't produce results, consider the following..

Think of all the time you have spent without accomplishing much. This time could be much better used by working on the essentials of online marketing.Instead of being 'curious" and checking everything out that you see.Try giving it up for a while and just go to work at the stuff you find below. Working at these will pay off much more in the long run and you will achieve the results your looking for. But, If you don't work at it,things aren't going to change much. Identify things you are

wasting time at,eliminate them,work at the essentials and you will be surprised at the results. BREAK SOME BAD HABITS WORK ON THE ESSENTIALS AND START GETTING RESULTS !!!

Getting your traffic going on autopilot isn't difficult. If you work at it, over time your ads and URL's are all over the internet.Soon your getting traffic in your sleep. Time invested in this pays off a whole lot more than time wasted being curious or testing the newest thing out all the time. Kill the curiosity for a while and work on the essentials. 1.Joining programs that multiply your traffic. The more your down.line grows,the more your ads are shown. One of the best programs you can join to get auto traffic can be found here:

Your ads get seen at the top of web pages all over the internet.Build a down.line here and traffic begins to flow. Header Ads is free to join and building a down line here is as easy as using the subject line, Your ads aren't working....... and the email below said subject line in affiliate tools area. Try it out,you'll be getting referrals quickly and on a regular basis. Don't forget,you'll be getting traffic in your sleep. Search engine traffic is another great way.You do a search and gain traffic, you refer others and gain more traffic, your referrals do a search,you gain traffic.Again, in no time your getting traffic in your sleep. You can join the S E O program here for free. You can get your site or ad listed on the first line in 60 seconds or less here.Check it out. 2. E-books and reports. Downloading free e-books,inserting your personal URL's in them and giving them away is a great way to get your links going viral.You can make commissions too and for a cheap upgrade you can re.brand

them and keep 100% of the commissions while your links are going viral. Try this one out.You can do it all free or take a $5 upgrade and keep 100%. Either way,get your links going virally.

Building Your List Though there are many ways to do this,one of the easiest and best ways is to offer free gifts. Getting people to subscribe to your list can be as easy as having a gift people need, want or simply just have to have. One of the best gifts to give in this game is How To Videos. People love getting videos. They like to learn stuff by watching and doing step by steps.So,these are always great to pass on.Get free membership here and pass some of these on. Great tutorials.

The more you learn,chances are the MORE YOU'LL EARN !!!

Building your lists of course requires an autoresponder and squeeze pages, must haves of course. You can get some of the best and learn to use them for free at You'll find some more surprises there too !!! Marketing Instead of just constantly trying to promote things,take time to learn something new. You have to promote but you can always learn something to improve your marketing,which will make your promotions better.If you hit a dry spell you can bet its time to learn something new AND to work on the essentials. Always look for ways to improve your marketing techniques like learning how to write emails that produce results. Learn to write killer emails here: So make a conscious effort to quit WASTING TIME and work on things that will bring results. When you get all the above in order you then will be equipped to make the sales and sign ups you are trying to achieve. Every time you catch yourself doing something that is WASTING TIME stop it and immediately start working on the essentials.Your efforts pay off in the long run. Here is where patience is needed.

You can keep looking for and trying the next get rich quick scheme or you can work at the essentials at a constant pace and make it happen. Work at it.Its worth it. Instead of surfing for credits for hours,join and work at some programs that build your essentials Just sit back and remember the times that seem a w

aste to you now. Imagine where you might be if you had kept working on the essentials.Starting today, break some bad habits and start being more productive. Keep working at building your list and your downlines in programs like the ones above. You will be surprised at your results as time goes by.This is where patience is needed. Its likely not going to happen for you overnight so stop WASTING TIME and start WORKING AT IT. You can copy this report and edit the links to links of your own or you can join the programs and add those links in the report.This becomes Your Viral Report.

Just edit the links and your name and copy and paste the report into your emails. You can give the report away and get 6 of your links going viral. This wake up call is a valuable service and you will be surprised how it will get you sign ups.People don't mind being reminded of things they may be doing wrong.They may not like to admit it,but they will soak up the information.The wake up call makes sense so they pay attention and work on the essentials and those just may be your links.So get spreading Your Viral Report around.

To your success, the Ghost and hjwonline. I really want you to succeed...can I make a wee suggestion?

To break any bad habits you must replace them with good habits, Buy, borrow or download the book Og Mandino's "The Greatest Secret In The  World".  I have read it and it really does help to rid you of many bad habits, which can in turn, block your success.Self sabotage is one big problem on my road to success!

Here's a free link if you'd like to buy it:





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