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Questions About Uinvest

Aug 15th 2013 at 4:26 PM

I receive a lot a questions about the Uinvest MLM program, so I thought that I would do a blog posting with answers to most of these questions.

What is Uinvest? Uinvest is a "equity crowd funding platform" MLM type program.  Basically what this means is that Uinvest is an investment MLM where its members can invest in foreign companies by purchasing shares (stocks) in that company, that will earn a monthly return (ROI), over a set length of time. The company you decide to investing is agreeing to pay you a percentage of their profits, every month, for the use of your money.  Uinvest is the middle man that collects the money for you, less a small fee, from the companies each month.  This makes Uinvest a true "passive" (no referrals needed to earn) MLM program.

Who Can Be A Member of Uinvest? Any non-USA resident.  Why only non-USA residents?  Because Uinvest is involved in selling company shares (stocks) and they are not licensed in the US as a stock broker.  Uinvest is not willing to get a US broker license because of the strict regulations required by the US government which they would have to deduct the cost for, from their affiliates monthly earnings.  They are licensed and have offices in many European, Asian, and African countries, just not in the US.

How was I, a USA resident, able to join? Uinvest did accept USA members from its launch in 2007 until March 2013.  But with the sudden 2012 up-turn in US government agencies (SEC, FTC, etc.) attacks on "non-complainant" MLM businesses.  Like the shut down of ZeekRewards and Profitable Sunrise, and now with both Lyoness and TelexFree are being targeted.  Uinvest does not have a US broker license and as such is "not" US "complainant", so it decided to "pull out" of the US market, in March of this year, to keep from being targeted by the US agencies.   I joined Uinvest back in December 2012 so I joined before the US affiliate ban.  Now this does not affect mine or any other US affiliate's ability to both invest or earn with Uinvest, it just locks out new USA members.

How Do I Deposit and Withdraw Money? Uinvest has a very different method in how both deposits and withdraws are handled.  Instead of exposing itself to the restrictions and/or loss (example Liberty Reserve) that many payment processors have place on MLM programs, Uinvest as developed a system of using existing Uinvest members to handle all deposits and withdraws.  These members are called Financial Partners (FP's) and they are grouped by the both the type of payment processor they deal in and by class (either Standard or Selected).  All Uinvest FP's must maintain a large cash balance in Uinvest, have a membership rank of 1 or higher, and be long-term Uinvest members.  In fact if they do try to "scam" you,  Uinvest will give take the money out of their Uinvest personal account, to pay you.

The way that FP's work, is you first find a FP that is willing to work with you and is dealing with the same payment processor that you are wanting to transfer your money from.  Then following the FP instructions, you deposit your money into the FP's personal payment processor account, then the FP will transfer your money out of his payment processor account into your Uinvest eWallet, which you can then use to purchase your Uinvest company shares with.  Money withdraws work the same way, only in reverse.

What Is The Difference Between a Standard and Selected FP's? Selected FP's must added money to a premium SD account, a minimum of 50% of the maximum amount that the FP is planning to transfer per affiliate.  This SD account is used by Uinvest to guarantee against loss by a Selected FP from being "scamming" by thief's trying to "steal" their personal payment processor money.

Why Does Uinvest Use FP's? First using FP's provide many more payment options then Uinvest could ever provide alone.  With FP's you can both deposit and withdraw money using Upay, Payza, PayPal, Credit Cards, Perfect Money, STP, EgoPay, Bank Transfers, NetTellers, Western Union, plus over 14 other international payment processors.  Second it protects Uinvest from any government claims of being involved in "money laundering" since Uinvest themselves do not handle money transfers to affiliates.

Why Did a FP Refuse My Deposit or Withdraw Request? You must remember that you are asking someone, who does not know you, to use their "personal" payment processor account to transfer your money.  Because of all the "fraud" out there on the Internet, you are asking someone to "trust" you to be honest and do the right thing.  This is why all FP's require certain things from other Uinvest affiliates.  Like requiring that you have a certain Uinvest points rating (which you cannot get unless you have previously deposited money) or that you call them first by Skype or that you have a paid email account (not gmail/ yahoo/ hotmail/ ect.) or that you are from a certain country or you allow them to lock 1/3 of your deposit amount for 30 days.  Of course a FP might not want to work with you just because they just do not trust you for some reason.

When I first joined Uinvest I was "turned-down" by three different FP's before I found one who was willing to work with me.  And this FP did require me to have a paid email address and did lock 1/3 of my first Uinvest deposit for 30 days.  But the good thing is that once I found the first FP, that was willing to work with me, it got much easier in the future to get other FP's to trust and work with me.   

Do I Trust Uinvest? Yes I do, since I joined Uinvest back in December 2012 I have always received my share payments monthly like clockwork.  They have been around since 2007 and are still growing.  You can communicate directly to a Uinvest employee, if you have a problem.  They are a very "transparent" company (with owners names, company addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).  Plus I have never had any problems getting my cash withdraws from Uinvest, using a FP.  Which is a lot more that I can say about any other "passive investment" MLM program that I have ever put money into.  

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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