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Quality Of Your Message

Sep 26th 2010 at 8:16 PM

Want I’m trying to ask you is, does your online advertising work? Those defunct dot­com start-ups, flush with I.P.O cash, took unconscionable amounts of money on cute, hip promotions that didn't attract real customers. When you're starting out on a budget, you don't have the choice of luxu­rious advertising. Every dollar must produce an increased return on your investment or you're out of business! Experts have often said that one of the greatest causes of small-business failure is running out of money. I disagree, I think that often the cause of small-business failure is too much money—and wasting that money on advertising that don’t work, I like marketing that will make a profit. It forces you to get real about what you say.

Let me say it like this: Suppose you were down to your last $1,000 and had to buy advertising that would not only give back your $1,000, but would produce an extra $1,000 in sales so you could continue to advertise. Suppose the survival of your business depended on placing the right kind of advertising in the right place—if you succeed, you stay in business; if your advertising ad is a bust, you close the doors. It would make you think clearer, wouldn't it?

Before you make that final decision, don't you think you should do a little free testing first? Place 30 or 40 free classified ads with different headlines to see which one would pull the most leads? Before you rolled the dice, wouldn't you try to refine your offer, add some gifts or bonuses, give a excellent guarantee—and then show that message to several thou­sand people to see if they would be willing to vote with their wallets? Or would you place your last $1,000 and the future of your business in the hands of some kid who just graduated from college with a degree in advertising? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Yet that is what happens every day in millions of businesses.
Before you go spending your money, you’d better do some testing to see if your message will work. Start small and then amp up to bigger and better advertising online as your ad start producing a profit. Then you might start the whole process over again but offline this time… with paid classifieds in the right publications, Start with small ads first, and then some targeted direct mail. Now if your advertising money produces a profit, then invest more money. I’m against small business people who go into advertising to fast just to build market share, thinking that other competitors will move in, wake- up call your not Google .com Your business will be and look a lot better in profit mood time if and when it has real cash flow.

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Mar 8th 2011 at 6:27 AM by zenithincome
Great man, posting on clasified ads have really made me a lot of different unlike what pros are saying. Good article there Howard
Oct 4th 2010 at 11:43 AM by judycook4
Hi Howard Good content. I like your article.

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