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Push Marketing or Pull Marketing: ‘Which One Should I Choose?’

Dec 25th 2013 at 7:57 PM

Marketing online can be quite confusing. The advice of marketing “experts” can take you in many different directions. But really, when it comes right down to it, there are simply two methods of marketing on the Internet. There’s Push Marketing and Pull Marketing. These two approaches are quite different from one another, so it’s really important to understand each one.

Ultimately, you need to determine: ‘Which one should I use? Should I choose one or the other, or a combination of both?’ Let’s delve into both forms in order to make an educated decision.

What Is Push Marketing?

Push Marketing is a proactive approach to getting traffic to your website and attention to your products or services. Basically you push your message to online prospects or potential customers. You take your message to your online market.

With Push Marketing you’re not seeking to sell the product that’s being promoted. No, the secret to success in this type of marketing is to simply sell the click to the website. You build up interest or curiosity in those who visit your squeeze page or ad. You must capture the short attention span of those who see your message.

How do you do it? Following is a list of some methods:

Obviously there are more methods, but this gives you the general idea of how to do it.

There are three vital things to keep in mind when using Push Marketing. You Must:

1. Create a great headline

2. Sell the click to your website

3. Create curiosity and a sense of urgency

Here’s another thing to keep in mind before you design your campaign. You must know your target market. Are you targeting men, women or both? Does your product or service appeal to a certain age group? Yes, who is your target market? In any case determine your marketing strategy ahead of time.

Push Marketing, when done effectively allows you to choose how and when you promote your offer. It also allows the flexibility of promoting your message as often you want. This form of marketing can produce fast results because it’s a proactive type of marketing.

What Is Pull Marketing?

With Pull Marketing your strategy is to pull your target audience to your website. So in this form of marketing you never send your ad to anyone. Rather, you place ads where you hope to pull people to your website.

What are some advantages of Pull Marketing? It’s a set it and forget it type of marketing and can be relatively cheap to do. For example, a successful pay-per-click campaign can run for months with little attention, while pulling in visitors to your offer.

Another example is marketing with banner ads. Banner campaigns are quite cheap to run and can literally run for years unattended. Set it up and basically forget it.

Among the methods of Pull Marketing are the following:

  • Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Banner Ads
  • Search Engine Paid Listings
  • Classified Ad Sites
  • Ads on Directories

There are of course more methods, but you get the point.

Once again, there are vital factors to keep in mind when employing Pull Marketing:

1. Keywords must be chosen carefully

2. You must have an attention grabbing headline

3. Create curiosity in your visitors

Before you spend your hard earned money, you need to carefully research where you plan to place your ads. It certainly won’t do you any good to have a great ad only to crash due to poor placement.

Pull Marketing can be a very effective form of marketing. One of the keys here is to create enough curiosity to make your visitors check out your site. Succeed with that and sales should follow.

‘Which One Should I Choose? Should I Push or Pull?’

With the foregoing info in mind, what should you do? There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both methods of marketing. There are also various factors to consider. For instance, how much money do you plan to spend on marketing? Who are you trying to reach? What kind of time will you spend marketing your offer? Those and other factors should be given serious consideration.

In most cases successful marketing campaigns include both push and pull marketing. That being the case it’s good to learn techniques in both areas. Almost any product or service can be promoted with a combination of the two. Keep in mind the difference between the two and plan accordingly.

Push Marketing works especially well when promoting things like an ebook, ecourse, or membership site. Target markets are easy to identify and reach. Among other techniques, you can use relationship or email marketing to reach your audience. You can easily email a group of people who want to work from home.

Pull Marketing on the other hand works best in a broader market, such as the Health and Wellness market. People who want better health are usually actively looking for ways to feel great and live longer. In such circumstances you can place your ads on sites that they may be searching.


As mentioned before either method works well with careful planning. Whether you choose push, pull, or a combination or the two, know that you can succeed. Virtually any product or service can be marketed using either method or a combination of the two. Just be sure to take action and remain in control of your marketing choices.

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