Psychic Reading Guidance - What You Should and Should Not Ask a Psychic

Mar 31st 2015 at 3:20 AM

A psychic is a talented reader. They are capable to tell things about you and your future that will help you to make informed decisions and take necessary steps to improve your future. A psychic with developed abilities will not ask question but only about the issues you need assistance with. They will answer every question you desire to ask. Now as a customer, you have to figure out what questions to ask the clairvoyant, to make your session worthwhile.

You may just want to focus on one or two areas of your life. It may be professional, love life, studies, health etc. You must be prepared to ask the questions as clearly a possible to attain a clear and correct image regarding your prospect.

Type of questions to ask

Generally, there are two types of queries – dynamic and inactive. Sessions with a trusted psychic, where you expect the reader to give basic answers for your questions are called inactive query session. This session mostly involves questions, whose answers are limited to just - yes or no. In this type of query session you do not have freedom to ask about any or every question that pops up in your mind.

There are never any kinds of wrong questions. You can ask any kind of questions that trouble your mind. One thing you need to take care is ask valuable questions that are beneficial to you in the long way. Just like a journalist, ask those questions whose solutions are useful and beneficial.

Never reveal more

While providing information about yourself, make sure you do not reveal much about your dreams and needs. You do not want the reader to recognize your expectations from the conversation and tell you the exact things you want to hear. A good psychic reading is the one, when the psychic gives solutions and guidance to get success in your life. If you are wrong they will gently let you know but will not be blunt and hurt your feelings. You are the ones, who can solve any issues in your life a psychic just encourages and guides you

Ethical psychics do not ask any information from the clients. With their psychic ability they gather information from the spirits. They just desire you to be relaxed because they can connect with your astral plane easily. Psychic information is received in the form of images or sounds. They dig for motivations, emotions, obstacles, influences and other factors that are responsible for the issue.

As a client, you should ask some open minded questions that do not lead to a yes or no answer. This will help you to get additional information about yourself from your psychic.

Here are some examples of open minded questions:-

  • Can you see anything about my health?
  • Do you see any major changes in my life? If yes, in what area?
  • Can you tell me anything about my career?
  • Can you tell me about my future in general?
  • Can you tell me about my love life?

There may be a session where there may be time limitations and you have to make the most of it. So make sure you ask answers for open minded questions. If you see a psychic wasting time to give you answer switch to direct questions, which are clear. This will help you get obvious and straight answers. Direct questions are known as closed ended questions, where there no possibility of getting confused about a particular subject.

Here are some examples of closed ended questions:-

  • Can you tell me about …..?
  • Please describe more about ….
  • Please give me an example for …
  • Can you be more specific about …?

So when you visit your psychic the questions should be both open and close ended. Start with open ended questions and then finish up with direct questions.

The key to a fruitful reading session with the psychic is to make full and proper use of the allotted time and ask appropriate questions.

Online psychic services

If you do not desire to visit a psychic face-to-face, you can schedule a reading session online. However, with an online psychic reader, you have to be very careful about the questions because “time is everything”. You are charged per minute. In case, you are busy and have limited time to connect for a psychic reading, it is advisable to be brief and clear about your issues.

Be prepared in advance. Make a list of some open and close ended questions to ask in your reading session. If time is a limitation, stick to close ended questions. Write down the query in a piece of paper, before you start the chatting session. Prioritize these questions also because you may run out of time and not be able to ask the most vital queries.

People who prefer to schedule an online psychic reading session must be aware that time is the main concern. Make sure that you do not waste time asking about your name, address and other general information. If possible stick to a particular area of interest in your life to try and get a satisfied response.

Questions that can be asked according to the particular area:-

Love life:-

  • How should I prepare myself for a new and healthy relationship?
  • What kind of a partner will be compatible with me?
  • What should I do to improve my relationship with this person?
  • What qualities should in look for while looking for my soul mate?
  • What should I change about myself to have a long term relationship with someone?

Professional or career:-

  • What kind of job will be suitable for me?
  • How do I find satisfaction and joy in my work life?
  • How can I become successful in my career?


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