Prospects of WPC WPC

May 20th 2015 at 11:40 PM

making pavers for free out of reclaimed materials Domestic wood-based raw materials, which has existed for generations: first took the wood and timber, and the second took the plywood, fiberboard, particle board, wood pulp, wood-based panels represented. 2003 China's plywood output ranks first in the world. The third took the WPC, has been on the market shine, WPC combines the excellent performance of both plastic and wood, has an absolute advantage in the door material. Currently domestic wood market has great potential, although wood products worldwide annual production of only a few hundred tons, but since 1998 Europe and the countries of 65% annual rate of increase. China is now 10 wood producers, there are seven foreign manufacturers and products for export. China chemical materials testing department of the properties of materials and environmental protection are rigorously tested to ensure the interests of consumers does not hurt. Good mechanical properties, can be the same as wood sawing, planing, nails and other mechanical processing, with a hard, tough, durable, wear-resistant properties; even after the formation of large regular foam cell, can get cost savings products. Experiments show that, compared with non-foamed PVC / wood flour composite extruded foam density can be reduced by 50%, up to 0.6g / -1.0g / cm3. After foaming even regular cell structure can be passivated crack tip breaking elongation can be significantly improved. It is also an environmentally friendly material, cheap raw materials abundant, recyclable and can reduce environmental pollution and protect forest resources. Landscape Online March 30 news: WPC as a new green products, although in recent years become the world's hot spots and development concern, but many domestic wood enterprise management situation is not optimistic, and why? I think for three reasons.home made teak and holly floor

First, the production technology needs upgrading. According to the China Forestry Economy Society Secretary-General Chen root length, the current wood processing technology are mainly two. One is produced in plastic modification, is the woody material as a plastic filler, by external pressure or forced glued wood materials and plastics combined. This technique has two key flaws hinder the great development of wood industry, one unplasticized wood polar and non-polar plastics poor compatibility, plastics and wood combination is not tight, resulting in decreased quality material; Second, a large proportion of the use of plastic, wood effect is not ideal, high production costs and no price advantage, hard to open up the market. Again a technology that is produced in wood modification technology is characterized by its use of a specially formulated first reaction initiator initiating a chemical reaction between the wood material, the polarity of the wood as much as possible to eliminate performed {TodayHot} plastic of pretreatment. Plastics processing makes WPC processing performance improved, the requirement to reduce the processing machinery, plastic usage has declined, while improving product performance and reduce the production costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of wood products. Currently, domestic enterprises are using wood is the first technique, in urgent need of upgrading.how much should timber decking cost

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