Proper Installation Important For Hard Wood Floors

Nov 15th 2014 at 2:35 AM

Hard wood floors are undoubtedly an expensive investment in your contemporary home that not only enhances its beauty, but also lasts for many years. Wood flooring, pre-finished or unfinished, exude a fascinating appeal owing to its natural look and warmth that it adds to every room. However, since wood grows old through years, installation of hard wood flooring is very important. Only professional reclaimed lumber company can critically evaluate wood type, condition of the floor, and the room where it will be installed to deliver most beautiful artwork.

Installing pre-finished or unfinished hardwood flooring demands great experience, dexterity and skill. Moreover, there are several tricks and tips that ensure proper installation. Therefore, the work is done well by professional installers. They have most experience with different kinds of wood flooring products and can efficiently install them to beautify and accentuate aesthetic appeal of your home. At the same time, hardwood flooring installation by professionals ensures superb durability, ensuring the wood flooring lasts for years to come. Therefore, before you roll up your sleeves to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional expert to get the best results.

Type of Installation

Typically, hard wood floors can be installed in three different ways – floating or raised, glued, and nailed installation on concrete screed or joists, or on wooden floors installed on solid wood or joists, or wood based panels. Among these, installation on concrete is most popular for traditional solid flooring as well as multi-layered flooring that is pre-finished. For concretes, screed is the main element that is used for installation, available in three main varieties – anhydrite concrete screed, traditional screed and fine blacktop concrete screed. Here, it is important to check condition of the screed before installation, considering compactness across thickness, rigidity, surface hardness, and whether it has adequate thickness for detachment. Furthermore, it is important that screen is dry, has no splits or cracks, and is well protected from water. It should also be smooth, duly cleaned and leveled, and allow steam infiltration and diffusion to ensure proper installation of pre-finished or unfinished hardwood flooring.

Materials for Substrate Preparation

Once the features of screed are properly checked, the right kind of materials should be used to restore optimal conditions for installation. This includes solidifiers, and products for filling cracks, leveling, waterproofing, and shaving materials. Here, skills of an expert are harnessed for gluing, sanding, filling, applying primer, and painting. Important painting requirements include proper adhesion, penetration, flow, and coating power. To ensure effective installation, professional reclaimed lumber company also considers the right drying time, efficient waxing and oiling to improve beauty, strength and durability of wooden flooring.

Importance of Waxing and Oiling

Waxing and oiling wooden flooring is an important step of installation and should be done efficiently. Waxes are made of natural and synthetic waxes that are dispersed in hydrocarbon solvents or solvent blends hat contain essence of turpentine. Pastes are typically used for waxing, whereas fluids are used for maintaining the floor. Oiling ensures good breathability and wood porosity saturation that helps in achieving a darker wood color and improved life. To ensure beauty and durability, state-of-the-art installation is important for hard wood floors.

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