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Project Training for computer graduates by Ahmedabad

Jun 13th 2012 at 1:41 AM

Project training is must for all computer graduates and post graduates students. There are many approaches towards the live project training. Let’s discuss in details the procedure and process of used generally by colleges and students. The below discussion is for BCA project training in Ahmedabad and is application for all other graduate and post graduate students.

First thing is to decide the platform on which the project needs to be build. Generally one platform is selected from ASP.Net, php and java. Now a day’s student also goes for Android platform, as its part of college curriculum and is having good demand in computer industry. Once platform is decided next step is to decide the topic, this is known as project definition and need to be submitted in college.

Successful project completion needs good planning in beginning itself. The first and most important step is

Requirement Analysis: Gathering and agreeing on the requirement is the fundamental step towards good project execution. Many students ignore this step, but it’s the most important part of project. During analysis of project, you should consider ever and every factor hampering the project. Few things will be in scope and few outside scopes; this needs to be clearly mentioned in the analysis document. The platform selection on which the project will be build should be selected very carefully. All this activity should be done by involving the experts like the project coordinator of the college, Project leader of the company and any other experienced professional if available.

Design: Once requirement analysis phase is done, you should start working on the project. Design is the guiding factor of the project and can be done using HTML, photoshop, paint or any other software. This decides the flow of the project and provides insight of DFD (Data flow diagram). DFD are used in project plan as it provides visual aide to the project stakeholders. DFD includes actors, process, procedure, data tables and linkages.

Construction of code: After completion of design phase, the students should start constructing the code. During coding the students should try to keep design part separate to avoid confusion and reduce the complexity of the code. Many students even keep logic part separate from the actual code. This helps in fixing errors that will popup during the execution of the code.

Testing: Next step is testing of code and design, you should not ignore the testing and during this phase students think that project is completed. But students should take testing seriously, as small error can ruin the complete project and the hard work they have done. You should consider code optimization during the testing phase. All the phases discussed are also true for MCA project training in Ahmedabad and other city students.

Deployment: This is the final step of project training. During deployment stage should try to deploy the project on other systems, as many times the examiner wants’ to see the live project. Incase you have developed the project on your laptop as examiner if you can carry the laptop in the examination hall. Generally they allow this practice. But if the project is done on desktop, you need to test the project on the computer that you are going to use during the exam.

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