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I am an entrepreneur that is trying to harness the internet as a way to help supplement my income while pursuing my academic needs. I am in my third year of a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and about 18 months away from completing the degree and finally finishing college.

Current pursuits are to do corporate training & learning development but also teach in the classroom.

The majority of my work experience has been in the service industry - primarily in food service and hospitality & tourism. I have nearly 20 years of total sales experience but teaching and training development is where my strengths are.

Please feel free to share my Faceplate with others so I can develop a network with you and other aspiring individuals today.
I just did a brand new blog update - please take a moment to read on the exciting progress that has occurred. Also, if you would like/can, please help get followers my way. I'll be happy to follow you

Program Update - 12/15/2010

Dec 15th 2010 at 7:15 PM

This is the second update of a series of posts that I am going to pass along for all to see. If you would like to get the referral links for the websites that I mention, please refer to the 'Program Update - 12/8/10' article that I have posted in the blog. A new one is included here in this update that I will pass along here shortly.

Basically, I will attempt to follow to order like the last email so that there is a lesser chance of confusion between bloggings.


1. (Total Referrals: 15)

- Previous Balance: $37.18
- New Balance: $37.65
- Change: +$0.47

So far, a good week for Inboxdollars. They are still strong and paying out thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Don't forget to get on board if you haven't. $5.00 signup bonus for joining. :)


2. (Total Referrals: 0)

- Previous Balance: $23.98
- New Balance: $24.22
- Change: +$0.24

This has been a good week for this program as well. Getting closer to the $30.00 minimum payment that is right around the corner. :)


3. (Total Referrals: 106 - 97 Level 1, 9 Level 2)

- Previous Balance: $24.44
- New Balance: $24.84
- Change: +$0.40

Decent week so far here. Hopefully some of those referrals will be a clicking when the advertisements come available.


4. Neobux (Total Referrals: 97 - 2 Direct; 95 Rented)

- Previous Balance: $8.990
- New Balance: $12.900
- Change: +$4.910

Though I have taken a bit of a hit reinvesting back into the program to recycle referrals, this is exceeding expectations already. Now that I have the availability to have direct referrals, I have gotten 2 in just the last 36 hours. Haven't joined yet? Get on board. :)


5. (Total Referrals: 0)

- Previous Balance: $8.395
- New Balance: $14.495
- Change: +$6.10

Another great PTC if you want to make a few dollars on the side. Of course, this isn't a get rich quick gig but it's nice to have that there if you need it.


6. (Total Referrals: 30; 12 Level 1, 16 Level 2, 2 Level 3)

- Previous Balance: $7.43
- New Balance: $8.15
- Change: +$0.72

If you like a traffic exchange that will pay you cash and prizes to surf (credits, banner impressions, etc.), then this is the place to be. I just passed a major milestone with 50,000 website pages surfed. I never knew I would have the patience to see so many, lol.


7. NeoDollar - NEW!!! (Total Referrals: 0)

This is a new program that I just signed up to. Similar to NeoBux and OnBux. Feel free to sign up with the following referral link:


In closing, some are wondering why the heck am I posting this stuff? There are three reasons. First, I want to show that you CAN make a few dollars online if you put your mind to it. Secondly, I am confident that if progress is being made, it should be shown to help others out - whether motivating them to join the programs or show that is it happening. Finally, it is to show my progression towards a goal of having a little bit of cash to give me the opportunity to move into my own apartment (or flat =D) here in August 2011. This will be for my last year of college.

Truth be known, I think I am maxed out on the number of programs I can do/manage at one time. The upcoming semester, beginning January 10, 2011, will be the most difficult yet. However, with your support, I will do very well.

Thank you for reading and be on the lookout for another update in a week - just 72 hours before Christmas. :). If you would like, feel free to email me at if you have questions or need anything.

Dr. Doug :)


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