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ProfitAdShare Update

Jul 22nd 2013 at 4:46 PM

Normally I do not post a MLM program update so soon after my review, but since I received an comment from a person (Samith Kamal) that states that he is ProfitAdShare Main Administrator (whatever that is).  I just could not wait to share it with you.

From Samith Kamal ---- "First we don't like if person publish his own comment in public site.we really hate that." Yes I must agree, most MLM programs do not like people making "negative" comments about their MLM program, specifically if the comments are "true".

Samith Kamal continues----  "my first RED FLAG is the “certificate of incorporation” from Lancaster City in the UK has been uploaded to the ProfitAdShare website. u mention this we are register there and tell me who did u search it.from whcch directory or government or department u check that.and they give this certificate to us.and i f u want high res image we can also send it to u.and we are group of 5 people of them is in uk and he register our group as a private business"   I used the UK Companies House website ( to search for ProfitAdShare Adrevenue Inc.  If your company is incorporated in the UK it WOULD BE LISTED on this site, as Companies House lists all business or directors in the UK and Ireland.  They have over 30 million company records that are updated daily, making Company Check the largest source of UK company information.  Sorry Samith your company is not registered in the UK. And no a high resolution of a "fake" document will not make it any more real.

He then continues with---- "RED FLAG number two. The fact that the owner(s) of ProfitAdShare just copied the "terms and conditions" from the now "failed" DailyPayer MLM daily profit share program. Yes u are is wrong.and that because of terms page is supplied by our script they will register it to our site and they forget to add that to but when we tell them that we fix the issue so it is not our fault."   Not the program owners (Main Administrator) fault?  You are asking members to "trust" you with their money and you are just copying one of the MLM programs most important documents (terms and conditions) from a past "failed" MLM program without reading it FIRST.  Whatever you say Samith.  By the way, thanks for the update.  Now I also know that your program is just using the "cookie cutter"  RevShare V2 program script to run your site.  Now I wonder that other parts of your MLM program site are is just copied script?

Lets continue with Samith comments---- "Which brings me to RED FLAG number three. I will NEVER trust or invest money into any MLM program that is not willing to share their true owner(s) name and address, phone number, or email address with their affiliates. But we tell the truth my name is Samith Kamal and i'm the main admin.but we never heard no noe is tell the truth ever other companies or names.and that is a personal thing.if a person can tell his personal details to anyone and also he don't want to tell them.keep that in mind."   What can I say Samith, but I consider my money "a personal thing" also.  Only a "fool"would invest their money into a program who's owners considers their MLM "BUSINESS" information "a personal thing" that cannot be shared with its paying affiliates. 

OK lets keep going with Samith's comments----  "My last RED FLAG is with NO retail customers, all daily ROI earnings will have to be paid out from either existing affiliate re-investments or from new affiliate investments. Just do the math, for every $1 coming in from affiliates, up to $1.51 is being paid out to affiliates, every 90 days. WHERE IS THIS EXTRA $.51 COMING FROM? u didn't read our FAQ and news page very it and understand that.we are doing adsharing .it means think a advertiser wants to promote his business or refer all link in another site he wants publish in what he want is show his add to so many people in one he wants to find a better traffic site .look at our this day 15th July it hits 12000 visitors in 24 hours.( so think if u publish ads in huge traffic site people will know about your u can't put banners in good traffic site for that's why we give adpacks each ad pack consist with 10,000 once a member bought that he can put 728x90 468x60 125x125 and 10,000 text ads for just 10$.so do u think we can't pay 0.51 for every 90 days.??? people buying more and more because adcredits reducing when people click every one buy new adpacks daily or when finish his adcredits."  Samith, I know exactly what adsharing is, as there are now hundreds of MLM programs out there now doing adsharing and most have been found to be "scams".  You can have one million hits per day, but if they are all from affiliates, with money invested,  who cares?  You are still paying out with affiliate money only.  In fact your comments above just affirmed my point "people (a.k.a. affiliates) buying more and more because adcredits reducing when people click everyone (must) buy new adpacks daily or when finish his adcredits"

And finally Samith Kamal ending comment --- "And try to understand don't publish ur own comment in public site without searching true facts. and remove ur comment on at once."  Sorry Samith, but until you can answer my concerns about your MLM program, and not just throw out more cover-up "bull", then do not expect me to stop "warning" people about your ProfitAdShare MLM program.

Now a little information I found out about Samith Kamal.  He has a South African name and I found that he is in the Class of 2009; Greenbury Secondary High School; KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.   So now lets see if I got this straight now:
"The ProfitAdShare program is a company in the UK (which I have proven it is NOT), with its server in San Jose, Costa Rica, its Main Administrator is from South Africa, using purchased website script from to run 99% of their site, and feels that its business information is to personal to share."   Hell why go to the trouble to sign up, transfer funds, setup banners, click on ads, etc. when I can just step outside and give my money to the first person that happens to "walk by?"

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

PS- Thanks Samith for the plug in the comments section of the Behind MLM blogger site (what an idiot).

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