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Mar 24th 2011 at 6:02 PM

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Marketing Tools & Banners!
This is the most important page in the members area! In order for this system to work, you HAVE to give it a kick start. As always, If you don't do the initial work at the first level, every system will fail. It is vitally important that you promote your new The 6 Links Marketing System site in order to "seed" your  system. The better that you "seed" your system to begin with, the faster and more efficiently your exponential traffic growth will occur. 

Setting the wheels in motion is very easy!

The key to getting maximum success from this, is to get as much exposure for your site as quickly as possible. You should utilise as many of the promotional methods we list below as you possibly can. You should do an advertising "Blitz" in this first week, and then continue constant and steady  promotion every week therafter to ensure long lasting and increasing visitors to your website.

Your aim should be to get at least 10 people to sign up from your The 6 Links site.

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Obviously the more people you get to sign up, the more real visitors you will ultimately get on your own website, but 10 should be the minimum you aim for. 

All the methods listed below are proven effective to get sign ups.

For more details check out the Marketing FAQ's after you have get inside:

Claim Your 1 Million Guaranteed Real Visitors!

Banner Ads!
Placing banners on your own website's or on advertising sites is a hugely effective method for getting more signups. You should immediatley place one of the following banners on your own website. 

For best results add one of the following banners to the top of your main webpage, and again to the middle or bottom of your webpage.

Remember, make the banner ad prominent! Your goal is to get as many people as possible signed up in your Level 1. After that, the "The 6 Links effect" will take place, and once it does you can even take the banners off you site completely! (but if your smart, you'll keep them on, and keep growing your traffic!)

You can also add these banners to the signature part at the end of your emails if you have an html enabled email client, (most are nowadays!).

Marketing and Promotion FAQ's!

Q. Why do I need to advertise or promote my The 6 Links ?

A. Because you have to get people to sign up to this under you in your first's the only way this system can work. Once you've got people to sign up via your site, they get placed in your downline and your advert will be displayed on their site as well as on your own. As those people sign up new members, your advert will get transfered to those new sites as well, so you have a downline 3 levels deep. This method creates a network 6 levels deep and consisting of many thousands of sites.....all displaying your advert. You have to get the first sign ups in the first level, in order for the system to continue and grow. Once you've done the initial advertising to get the first sign ups, you can stop all promotion if you like.

Q. So how much advertising should I do?
A. Well the absolute minimum you need to do is get 10 new sign ups underneath you. Once you've done that the system is set, and so long as each of those 10, do the same as you, and the next level does the same and so on, your website visitors will grow exponentially and very quickly. Of course, that is just the minimum you should do, and most sensible people will do much more than that. If you want your traffic to be high month after month after month, you should really try to be getting new sign ups each week for as long as you want to use our system. If signing up just 10 people can result in over 1 million visitors, imagine what could happen if you signed up 100 people or even more! We recommend you go crazy with your advertising in the first week or two, and then slow it down but keep it constant from then on to ensure a constant flow of heavy traffic as your downline grows.

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Q. Ok, so how do I advertise?

A. If you have your own website and access to the source code, you should immediately place one of our banner or text ads on your site. You should also add a signature in all your regular emails so that it either has a banner or a text link in it. Further to that, you should place as many adverts on as many free advertising sites as possible. Place classifieds, FFA's, use traffic exchanges and anywhere else you can find to place one of our small text adverts. The more people who see one of your ads and signs up from your site, the more your downline will grow and the more traffic you will get. We also recommend if you have your own opt-in email list, you immediately send them one of our email ads so they can visit your link and sign up under you. Basically, get your link seen, so you can get the maximum number of people sign up in your first level.

Q. How do I place the html code?

A. This is only needed if you are using html  enabled advertising, or you have access to the source code of a website. Just copy the code we supply you, and paste it into the relevant space.
Claim Your 1 Million Guaranteed Real Visitors!

For more information, help, contact me here at IMF

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