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Problem and Solution series:Making money online

May 2nd 2011 at 9:19 AM


Warning: This article may appear to be a little whingy, because it is a true story and deeply honest!

I will first confess, I am relatively new and inexperienced in Multi Level and Affiliate Marketing. For 7  long years I tried, and struggled, to make money online, only finding one program in early 2010, that now has me earning a small commission every month.

I really need to get this off my chest. It's totally baffled me why I have joined over 100 different traffic exchanges, and got 300-475 clicks on ads I personally wrote. But out of those I never got any conversions that turned into sales. After a year, I got 1 conversion which led to a sale! (0 out of 300-475 clicks?? That's Insane!)

Which was very lucky, as I may have had to pay Clickbank $US90+ for having an account with NO sales ever in 1 year of opening it! At present,I've only got 27 subscribers (I average 1 new subscriber every month, or 2, if I'm lucky!)  -

After 1 year of being in an internet marketing program,working my butt off, I got 1 sign up?? That's ridiculous! So much so I want to bury my head in sand!

But today I stumbled upon the answer to my failure...

Here is an excerpt from the audio I listened to...

"Why do 99% of people never make any money online,99% of the time?

Because when someone searches in Google, or any search engine,and types in a topic like "Make money online", or "business opportunity", in order to make extra money from working at home,what they see in the "Organic" sites listings (those that are in the top of the search engines),are SPONSORED listings, introducing them to a business opportunity,home business.

(Now) How are you going to advertise that same business that you found (and joined) through the SPONSORED listings (Google Adwords) OR the sites that are in the top of the search engines?

Sure, you could find the business opportunity there, but there's no way of advertising it as the person is ALREADY there,or you'll be in competition in the Google Adwords section.

Google Adwords - Paying for clicks - NOT sign ups. This can make one run out of money quite fast.

The "Organic" sites are actually selling advertising space,advertising business opportunities. Once you've found one on that site,you're not going to be able to use that same site,to advertise THAT business opportunity, because somebody else has already got it,and they're not going to leave it, because they're making money from it.So, you have to go elsewhere  to advertise, which is why nobody is successful,but the very few! Actually,it's just the webmasters of those sites that are the ones making the real money. Off those buying their advertising".

Solution. Join this businessTriPowerTeam.com @ http:www.//TriPowerTeam.com or simply create a unique product no one else has,copyright and protect it, create a website, with a high opt in rate template,73-200%, pay for a unique domain name promoting your website and  product or service,get it hosted, add videos to Youtube,advertise in free traffic exchanges,and write articles and post them here, on IM Faceplate.


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