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Primus Hub Review

Nov 13th 2012 at 2:26 PM

This is my review of the new Primus Hub income program, which is a re-launch of the failed Wealth4AllTeam income program.  The new Primus Hub program is owned by Danny Cianciulli (the same owner of the failed Wealth4AllTeam program) and it also looks like the new program are be managed by the same management team that managed Wealth4AllTeam.

Before I get into the new Primus Hub program here is a little history of the failed Wealth4AllTeam income  program.  It was launched in 2010 and was an investment opportunity that offered affiliates earning every 10 days on $16 TAP's that would cycle 6 to 12 times (depending on how many TAP's the affiliate purchased or repurchased).  The return on investment that this figures out to be is 193%-250% over 60 to 120 days.  All without having to refer anybody.  It had no resalable products, so all earnings were paid out to affiliates solely from new investment money coming in from its affiliates (classic Ponzi scheme).  In early October the Wealth4All program finally collapsed. The only good thing is that Wealth4All did not just cut and run with everyone’s money, but Danny Cianciulli announced a new program called Primus Hub and give proportionate withdrawals to past Wealth4All affiliates who had yet to withdraw any earnings.  I myself was a Wealth4All affiliate (it was one of the programs I was testing for my team), so I invested $50 back in June.  I received my $50 back, but nothing of my earnings for the first 3 months that I was in Wealth4All.


But this still left many Wealth4All affiliates still having thousands of dollars tied up in the failed Wealth4All program, so Wealth4All immediately began to offer $25 “shares” in their new Primus Hub program to existing Wealth4All affiliates.  These shares are supposed to pay out a dividend based on the success of their new Primus Hub program, however management has stated that no dividends would be paid out until the Primus Hub program had paid its “expenses, taxes and salaries”, in other words, nobody will be paid a cent on their shares until the Primus Hub management had paid themselves.


What Is Primus Hub?  It has been stated as a combination of income opportunities including advertising (Primus Marketing), penny auctions (Primus Auction), a shopping portal (Primus Mall) and a social network platform (Primus Social).  The problem is currently most of these income opportunities do not exist, but the Primus Social compensation plan has been made public and provides an insight into the direction the Primus Hub management is heading.  First there is no services offered under the new Primus Social income opportunity, with membership to Primus Social itself being the only thing affiliates are able to sell.

Membership to Primus Social is $12.95 a month (free membership apparently also exists, however the specifics of this is not available at this time), with paying affiliates being paid using a 2×20 matrix.  A 2×20 matrix places a member at the top of the matrix with two legs branching out from under them (level 1). In turn, these two legs branch out into another two legs (level 2) and so on and so forth down 20 levels (that equals 2,097,150 referrals needed just to fill your matrix).  A Primus Social member earns depending on the following number of members in their matrix, and what type of member they are (direct being personal recruit and indirect coming from a member’s up or downline).  The monthly payouts for the Primus Social matrix (per member in a matrix) is as follows:

  • Level 1 – direct $1, indirect $0.25
  • Level 2 - direct $0.75, indirect $0.25
  • Level 3 and 4 - direct $0.50, indirect $0.25
  • Level 5 - direct $0.50, indirect $0.10
  • Levels 6 and 7 - direct $0.25, indirect $0.10
  • Levels 8 to 12 - direct $0.10, indirect $0.10
  • Levels 13 to 17 - direct $0.10, indirect $0.05
  • Level 18 - direct $0.25, indirect $0.05
  • Levels 19 and 20 - direct $0.50, indirect $0.20

Additionally in order to get paid, all affiliates must recruit the following new paying members into their matrix:

  • first 5 levels of the matrix = recruit 2 new members
  • on levels 5 – 10 = recruit two more new members (4 total)
  • on levels 11-15 = recruit two more new members (6 total)
  • on levels 16-20 = recruit two more new members (8 total)

My Conclusion...  It’s clear that 100% of the commissions paid out in Primus Social are from members monthly membership fees and are solely dependent on first recruitment of new members and then the continued payment of monthly membership fees from these new members.  In addition new members are unable to earn unless they recruit at least two new members themselves.   With Wealth4All (an Ponzi scheme?) and now dead and buried, many of its members, who have earnings tied up in Wealth4All (and some with real initial investment losses), are expected to turn to Primus Hub as a vehicle to reclaim their losses.  While the details of the other income programs of Primus Hub are not available at this time, if Primus Social is anything to go by (stated as the central hub of the Primus Hub income opportunity on their site), this program does not look too good.  Remember that you will need 22 direct paying referrals (or almost twice that number of indirect referrals) just to pay your $12.99 monthly membership....

It looks like Wealth4All failed due to long-term sustainability problems that most Ponzi schemes suffer from, and Primus Social merely replaces that Ponzi program with those of a pyramid scheme.  Once members at the bottom of the matrix realise they can’t find anyone to recruit, they stop paying membership fees and before you know it the entire program begins to collapsed.

I believe that scam me once, shame on you. Scam me twice, shame on me.  So I will not be investing any of my money into Primus Hub anytime in the future.

Just My Option,
Philip Reitcheck

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