Pre-Launch Of The Month Club

Nov 15th 2010 at 4:07 AM


Pre-Launch Of The Month Club

Posted on November 15, 2010 by darrell

All pre-launches have significant challenges and many of them fail and die rather quickly.  Some stagger on for a while and then die eventually and some take off like a rocket.  I got involved in Network marketing to build a solid residual income stream, not to gamble on the lottery.  I believed and still do that if you have a solid company, a great product, a solid compensation plan and work diligently every week you can grow a serious residual income for yourself and your family. I personally have no interest to sacrifice my time, energy, money and reputation again on one of the new ventures when nothing is really understood until after it launches and all the challenges come to light.

Instead, I urge all of you that read this to pay attention.  It is hard enough to build one down line in a great company.  Network marketing is a job, it is not the lottery and it is not the “jump on the new ship of the month club”.  The key to success in these ventures is to picking a real solid company, one that has been tested already and survived.  Next, add leadership and by this I mean a solid up line. I mean a real up line, one that adds value to your team in the form of calls, webinars, websites, training and 3 way calls and more. I see so many people get forced to sign up to this person or that person because that was the first person who presented it to them. What they should be doing is asking some questions about how that person, or more importantly, their up line plans on helping them succeed.

Once you have a solid company and a real professional up line you will need some tools and some discipline. You will need to follow the systems and plan of your up line and do it on a consistent level. I have seen so many people try hard for about an hour, not get immediate success and then want to quit. The shame is they will get up tomorrow and work twice as hard for someone else’s business. That frustrates me, because this is not a get rich quick scheme, nor a lottery hoping to land a superstar and ride that person’s wave. Did I say it is about consistent work, with a solid company, a great product and a killer up line?  It is also about relationships and helping those around you improve their lives.

If all of this rings true to your ears, I humbly ask you to check out  This has been the brain child of a group of incredibly successful professionals that have spent many years developing a 100% Free Membership site for network marketers. It is time that we stood together and protected ourselves from the evil side of network marketing.  It is time that we stood together and demanded our rights.  It is time that we build only one down line for the rest of our lives, because the down line is protected with

I encourage you to see for yourself why we feel so passionately about serving others and rescuing families just like yours from the burden of economic bondage.

Peter Celnicker


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