Predicting How Much You Can Make As a Stripper

Jul 2nd 2015 at 10:16 PM

If you have considered becoming an exotic dancer or a stripper, you have most probably wondered how much you can make and if it is worth it becoming a stripper. A lot of news and information in the media point to the fact that, by and large, strippers do make a lot of money. This may however not be the case across the board. Different circumstances, different employers, customers, and management organisations value the work and service that strippers give quite differently. In order to determine how much a stripper is likely to get from the service, certain considerations need to be considered.

First of all, the area where you will be working as a stripper will bevery important in determining the value that you will get for your work. For example strippers in Gold Coast area will more often get paid more than strippers in the Outback. Secondly, it is important to consider the sources of income for most strippers and the value of those services. For example most strip clubs offer stage dances as well as lap dances both public and private in a VIP lounge. Different terms used to describe lap dances include private dances, table dances, and personal dances. When it comes to stage dances, your skill in getting strip club patrons to pay you for your dances as well as your skill in collecting all the money that is offered to you while you dance, will be a strong determinant in how much money you can make. For you to collect the most out of a stage dance you need to be fit enough to dance several times through your shift. A normal dance takes an average of three to five minutes and most clubs have approximately eight dancers working in every shift. Add this to the approximately one minute interlude between dancers and you can easily do the maths to determine how much you can make from the stage dances alone.

If you provide good quality dances during your stage dance session that patrons love to watch, you will not only get more money per stage dance session but you will also attract more lap dances or private dance sessions on equally high value. Gold Coast strippers for example can get a healthy chunk of money from dancing far fewer sessions than strippers from Outback areas but you also have to consider that there is less competition in Outback areas which means that you are more assured of earning some consistent money throughout. Once you add your two sources of income, you should be able to determine how much you can make from being a stripper and then determine whether it is worth it or not. To increase the amount that you can earn, be good to customers even when they don’t give you money, don’t fear rejection and have your wits about you at all times by avoiding drugs and alcohol when working.

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