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Preamble B: Do You Know Why There Are So Many Problems Within E-mail Activity?

Aug 13th 2010 at 7:12 AM

[Within this Article's Presentation is to bring you personally to the cusp of the Cause of our on-line mail delivery frustrations. How and where these effects show themselves. Preamble B: I Believe that it surpasses the Catiegory [pigeon-holing, that we all habitually make usage of, myself included at times attempt to specialize into one directive a specific subject, et cetera... This Subject does "Break" that mold!] 

 Preamble B: What Single Biggest Problem Effects You In E-mail Activities? [Yes, you more than not have have other pressing problems associated with this subject matter. Please in the interest your and my Precious time name the greatest massive enemy to you in e-mail.]                                                                                                                       

          See you inside...

With your Permission I Ask You to Investigate Prior to Making A Decision. This Private Internet Mail System having its own Separate Network. There's "Virtually No-Existing" scams, spam, viruses, or other attackers bogging-down your mail activity.  

Unlike the USPS [United States Postal Services], the e-mail vastly overrated service ability is Outrageously Overvalued and has been for a long, long time concerning its Importance. Yes, presently what other source of on-line mail delivery service may I count on, more or less trust to get the job done. Have you personaly realized yet that the more you use e-mail [no matter who's my provider is], the more you may be contributing to the growth rate of problems and troubles that may no doubt show in its volume today? 

First, remember, [or research the facts concerning the infancy onto the present state of the condition we now operate in today's e-mail's growing volume of frailities.] There are many problems and troubles in the e-mail delivery infrastructure that are directly connected to the negatve effects we suffer in whatever amounts and sorts from day-to-day. This is an Obvious Cause and Effects Paradigm _ that's grossly overlooked! In many of our lives, with the coupling of the ever-increasing growth and rate of speed being pressed upon all of us due to the technology reach and greed for the next new thing. The Pressure brought and continually coming on us; it due soley on our making. Of course, the supply and demand may also have a dependent value herein.

So, with that of a Monopoly Tag... What happens to the value [we place on e-mail] over time with the dependency coupled to its product and|or service needs of a stable [or seemingly stable aspect to] and continual demand and added growth of its user-base across every known and unknown entity in need of its tools of operative necessity. (Could there be an Option at least while investigating?)

So far everything you've perused above is from some of my personal multi- collective assessments in real-time, real-life experiences of others [in which some, if not all that will read or are right now perusing this data. I've also experienced my personal share Large and small, problems and troubles and also Headaches! That may or may not include you. You just may have always experienced a perfect relationship to your e-mail dealings. Great in the event, this has actually happened you should be the very 1st Prime expose of this Phemonon to the world, so more of us may benefit.] 

However, for the remainder, if you're yet reading this length article. 

There a 'Light at the End of the Tunnel that Escapes from using any e-mail delivery network Headache, provider, service; by whatever medium your presently accessing your service(-s).'

From some of my perusals of our community members comments, coupled with many of my own Personal Experiences. Hearing and reading of an Endless growth of miseries caused, and due to e-mail usage. Brought into the existence of this article and the coming Presentation of your Remedy = “New Comfort Level”. The Solution aready exist and has its established period! Now, the challenge is for those fed up users like the survivor of the "Poseidon Adventure" [read the novel or watch the motion picture]. The majority that suffered because they failed to personally reassess to change in the ship's rotated position and limited option of operation according to outdated unrealistic expectation of what should match up to their outlook, make sense, and be practicable to see them. 

O.K., I know about some of what your writing, what the point of this article? 

You said [wrote] some interesting stuff. 

Hey, that part of the point here... e-mail's structural value wasn't and still isn't built nor has or can ever be rebuilt ever." It is and was create for a tactical advantage for a college group. A college group size vs Today's increasing usage. I'll make this Comparison. A man and women, [are you with me,] start a family in a three room  house. That dwelling meets the immediate needs then at the time. Now, Add Two children along with their over time growth rates + themselves, now capacity limits are challenged! This scenario can goes any number of ways. The value expressed within however, has to do with Volume Growth, Space, Capacity, and Adaptability of the dwelling to Support the family's means in this paragraph.

E-mail's fits that compromising comarison (O') so absolutely! We as human beings become ever so dependent on things. Over time the habitual nature of we possess takes hold of those things, both physically and virtually. The stubborn fact coupled to this complicates it greatly. Any of several aspects in life dealing with that house's unchanged structure = to the limited and unchanged structure of e-mail, form that similar end result. 

Antiquated, Archaic in nature; unable to change of itself by design. Doesn't allow the user to adapt to inevitable time changes. Of course, with that three room house you may add-on or just rebuild on its surrounding foundation. 

Or you "move away and on from the the past good for an elevating migraine!" Can you Identify a headache to your e-mail experience over your own real-time, real-life quagmire on any given day? 

May be not eveyone can be honest about this, and that 100% fine, and actually O.K. with me. "You can bring the horse to the water or you can today bring the water to the horse; you cannot make the horse even lap at a single vapor!" For those that may be sensitive to such an analogy. "By habitual dwelling within a situation, and so others suffering the same struggles. You see a Need and bring that person food and drink, if that one you're attempting to aide is fixed on the why you picked them or anytime else than they have a solution; what else is there practically for you to do?" 

In the past, I've suffered much simply due and solely because of misrepresenting to myself or deceiving me about something just because of what I wanted it to be. The legitimate Business and IM business liberties haven't Presented themselves that way.

Why hasn't somebody smart enough 'Fixed' the issues with e-mail by now?    Why not just replace the antiquated system with a new and better system; not merely attempt to repair it?

Why not Replace e-mail with A Totally New and Developmentally Different Operational Archetype?

In one sentence: "There's no amount of experience on earth that will fix anything on earth that has gone its course = beyond the Point of No Return." E-mail has Greatly Past that Point! If you've lived on-line for any sufficient amount of time, you're full of  contributing experiences that you'd Just as soon forget. Get into this Revolution and e-mail will vanish for you the more you begin to stop using it. And wean yourself off of it. The fight aspect with yourself in trying not to use it simply due to some family, friends and others that don't know, won't accept the need to change yet, or any other assortment of excuses or reasons [pick on].

This subject matter. and the experience of the Good and the Bad; thus, bring in the Weight Scale to Deal with which "Outweighs the other. Time-savings, peace of operation, Privacy and Security issues met, command and control put into your hands in knowing and having knowledge of who is in your account. 

In closing, the Best-Interest part of this Article: [The “What in it for me attitude”...] you may join in this service in its stricly No-Cost version, and in RSVP-mode as all the version are created in. For everyone that have interest this service comes with upgrade versions available to business and personal Choice Decision needs.                                                                                                                                         

       See you inside...

Please to comment
Oct 14th 2010 at 3:59 PM by bjfoot
I truly enjoyed this read. You make very valid, proveable points.

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