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Nov 13th 2012 at 12:18 AM

Putian gymnastics fans these days a feast for the eyes, they at home witnessed the Chinese national gymnastic team of Cenozoic performance. Was going to the fifth Asian gymnastics championship, fujian is held for the first time theOlive 9S 2012 intercontinental gymnastics competition, has also brought the Chinese national gymnastic team "after 90" the squad performance.

For general, such as waiting for months
November 11, morning, the Asian gymnastics championships man qualifying, group and individual all-around final first stage. Putian comprehensive gymnasium into a lot of putian real gymnastics fan, came to watch the game. Among them, there is no lack of to white-haired old man and sucking child.
"Li ning, li xiaoshuang, LiXiaoPeng, YangWei, Chen yibing......" Watching the game citizen wang freely will speak for their own several gymnastics star name, in his view, represents the highest level of gymnastics in the fiba Asia in putian, really very rare. However, wang also feel a little pity, because the eyes of its own idol London Olympic , not come to putian play, "I always pay attention to his micro bo, a few months ago he said to putian, how to break an appointment?" However, for all new to the Chinese national gymnastic team battle, wang and is not without excitement: maybe after four years of these new it'll be in Rio Olympic Games really made a name for himself.
Single day gold fans hi turn
In the China of players, in addition to fame greater LiuRong ice and weeks ShiXiong outside, 17 year old fujian local players LinChao climbing on the field is also very popular, putian audience gave him applause and wave upon wave of applause. In the men's Pre Order jordan Retro 9 Oliveindividual all-around game, LinChao climbing got 89.20 points behind teammate LiuRong ice and weeks ShiXiong, the total score ranked third. According to the event planning, each of the participating nations can only calculation scoring in front of the two players score. Therefore, LinChao climbing although than a third place Korean player to score high, but regret to and the first three missed. When the first game all over, China won - and man all-round individual gold medal, the audience was in waves surging cheering.
After the first competition, the Chinese gymnastic team manager YeZhenNa update their micro Po: single day gymnastics team "naked", obtains the groups, all-around two stick. A lot of putian fans forwarding this article micro bo. They say, can be in with my own eyes China putian witness the title, and feel the charm of gymnastics, very happy, very honored.
The opening ceremony putian amorousJordan 9 Olive For Sale feelings
"Grand atmosphere, putian characteristics are very obvious." In the November 11, extremely rich night putian characteristics of opening ceremony theatrical performances, give a lot of the audience left a deep impression. Many came to participate in the competition of athletes and coaches, it is also take delight in talking about.Outsole most to be able to reflect the overall shape of the shoes. According to the foot type choice flat, half Jordan 9 Olive Pre Orderbending or crooked outsole, like this can have appropriate protection of the role of the ankle
But take running speaking, there are data show that each of us run step, single foot will inherit 3-5 times the weight of the impact, not only such, from the impact of the site will in turn from plantar uploaded to the knee, spinal cord and the brain, so some people may feel after motion knee pain and even have a headache. By this token deer madge think we have to choose a pair of real can protect sneakers. Select functions of sports shoes, Eva: don't underestimate the choice of sports shoes, avoid by all means is disorderly wear sports shoes to not proper motion.

We are buying shoes to have enough patience, cloth shoes LanTing remind try when must also try on two shoes, can't jump to a conclusion; Must put on socks try Pre Order Jordan 9 retroa shoe, it is better you usually often wear cotton socks, ensure that you try the shoes code have enough space; Don't because like those shoes, even if the shoe code a little small also, want to buy, the most suitable shoes on a foot will feel quite comfortable. Shoes also has its life, deer madge tell you how important maintenance, pick all choose and buy to your favorite sports shoes, can't wear it on the sports life, no matter how high content of science and technology, sports shoes life also can according to the movement types of different have corresponding life, in dress after period of time, the shoes will slowly aging, will not only have certain wear, its function sex will also corresponding abate, can appear even damaged, so timely change new sports shoes is very necessary.

In the meeting olive jordan 9 for saleoften have broadcasting sounded and real-time reports the field of wonderful, attract all ears. This is because everyone positive contribution, handed in a whole lap, just after paying a batch of, come back is a batch, we all hold a pen, the anywhere at any time record wonderful things, and for player's blessing, there is a thing of opinions and ideas.The sports meeting is helpful to the most common things, running athletes run over, have helped the students to, or didn't take water classmates points a little water, give didn't bring lunch classmates points a little food. These things are all small, it reflects a person's excellent quality, reflect class's and grade's unity and friendship.

The theatrical performances of total director WuHaiRong said,olive 9 pre order in line with the principle of thrift, the opening ceremony performance with a total duration only 25 minutes. Will mazu, PuXianXi, south shaolin, such as gongs and drums most putian characteristics of elements is blended in among them, was able to let all corners of the country of your friends, have to know and like the increasingly open putian.

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