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Jan 17th 2013 at 10:21 PM

Hospital of acupuncture and Chinese medicine said Wang Liang Nanjing integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, after dinner sit easily give birth to a small pot, after standing up against the wall is more effective in preventing can stand. Fire Red 5S 2013 One hour after a meal on the wall, the back of the head, shoulders, hips, calf, heel stick wall, and tighten the abdomen, such doing can improve the body lines, so that the overall attitude is more forceful. But remember, step by step, just began to stand 2 minutes, slowly can be extended up to half an hour.

In addition, daily home, watch TV when also can choose stood leaning against the wall, it can help the body and the wall between the pressure to help the spine straight, stretch. And it stood watching for a while to feel tired after they find something else to do, if the dinner and sat down on the sofa watching TV, it is easy to have Pre Order Fire Red 5 a liking for very long time also reluctant to put down the remote. the soles of the feet there is a reflection area each viscera, massage and stimulate corresponding reflection area, can promote local blood circulation. Not only can lose excess fat, but also can achieve the lymphatic drainage regulating endocrine function. Come home, take off your shoes and sit down, the foot friction with each other in the rolling pin or other small stick, the blood circulation to the feet, warm feeling, can strengthen the body detoxification fat burning effect, but also help to sleep. Sound environmental protection material: Buy Fire Red 5S Online material according to the demand, can wear knitting the baby learn station sock or soft cloth shoes and socks; started to learn go, suggest to buy baby good air permeability of cotton cloth or soft leather shoes. Don't choose the plastics and synthetic leather material. Soft non-slip soles: sole should be flexible, hand can be bent slightly, heel, sole surface flat and soft. You Can choose the shoes by hand according to sole with softness, soft tendon end recommended both soft and antiskid. Jordan Fire Red 5 Slightly higher than upper: best upper ankle, and soft, can protect the baby's feet do not hurt.

Without Ornament: shoe does not need additional decoration, so as not to fall off or be baby swallowed, If shoes longer than the baby's foot length 0.5 cm. Don't buy a large number of shoes to let the baby wear two years. In fact, shoes, big or small are not good for the baby. Wear the shoes too large, is not conducive to learning. Retro 5 Fire Red For Sale The shoes don't fit well, has not yet been fully learn to walk the children, easy to fall down; is not conducive to children's development of foot, feet in the shoes in the space of friction easy to cause the damage to the feet. Shoes will hinder the normal development of baby feet,

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