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Dec 6th 2012 at 10:38 PM

"Through the promotion of brand to let more people understand the local culture", "let every child education to realize the ideal of", "do a very ideal magazine", "show a good play can affect a child's life"... Main young user ThinkPad Edge by new Air jordan retro 9 kilroy for saleproducts on the market, the hand in hand with blood young group to share with you a heart most sacred ideal under your feet, the most practical action.Clothes make the man - stone products is the same. When domestic stone still "naked", foreign stone has set up a file in the MeiYu clothes ", the product packaging, now almost all import marble, granite plate do most of the surface chemical treatment. From mineralogy perspective on building stone, it is by all sorts of mineral composition of a rock. Stone is present a colorful, mainly is the stone material contains color caused by mineral.

find your mind the most ideal blood group, the ideal flame combustion, i.e., have the opportunity to win the ThinkPad Edge notebook computer a. Remember, "ideal is used to realize"!The most ideal ThinkPad Edge trend: local tide brand strength .Today, in VISVIM, APE hall, such as street level of popular brand, Chinese local young people have the idea of may make a figure? Several young people from China tianjin chorus say, yes, and take out the local tide brand ! "Person alwaysretro 9 kilroy for salebelieve", is the confidence!Building stone is composed of mineral composition of a rock, it is present a colorful, mainly is the stone material contains color caused by mineral. Finished stone of some active mineral after long-term wind and rain and sun began to weathering, some composition and color began to change. This is what we usually see stone material corrosion and fade phenomenon, make stone lose their beautiful appearance, produce defects such as alteration.

The long-term weathering in nature and does not change its composition and color of so-called high quality stone material is very few, without "packaging" homebred stone material after several years later, in the wind and rain insolation, air pollution and so on, under the action of the decorative plate finish, waterproof, anti-fouling, weather resistance ability, panel state of complete and colour and lustre geometric import stone inferior many. Why is there such a big difference? Not import stone quality than domestic, but surface after chemical treatment. Early light curing coating is mainly used in wood coating, along with the development of technology and market development, uv-curable coatings have suitable for base material by a single wood has been extended to paper, all kinds of plastic, metal, cement products, fabrics, leather, stone (protective glue), etc.

In the dialogue with the ThinkPad Edge, brand by people WangYongDa and WangLongXi confident, "for Chinese native culture trend of the love and the sense of mission, we set up his own brand], want to use his chest and behind the design, to create a new way to communicate, show every a person's personality.
Q: how to combustion young ideal?
Answer: insist, don't give up! We firmly believe that today's young people have their own ideal, need to express their attitude. We want to do is find out all kinds of self expression way.
ThinkPad Edge is the most ideal public: let education realize the dream
Public welfare of course is not the sole domain johnny kilroy 9sof large enterprises and names of foundation, everyone has the chance to contribute. Sunshine volunteers club is by a group of young people in Beijing by the non-profit volunteer organization, was formally established in June 1, 2003, with "for the floating children volunteer education" as the core business, and insist for a long time. The club at the weekend in the form of collective class to provide children with outside interest education, promote the children and the positive development of the school.
The ongoing projects are budding changping district by the school, chaoyang district taoyuan school, cui GeZhuang experimental school yuying school, chaoyang district, the first new citizen school five school for children of weekend instruction after class project.

Q: how to combustion young ideal?At present foreign stone factory adopts thermal curing technology, some is much big boiler heating heating mode, there is high energy consumption, low production efficiency, environment pollution, cover an area of an area such as the shortage. And JiXingYuan coating epoxy acrylic light curing technology (UV), with only a few a ultraviolet lamp can replace big boiler equipment. Light curing technology is a energy saving and environmental protection, clean technology, it is energy saving, energy consumption is only one 5 of the heat curing, and does not contain the solvent, the ecological environment has protective effect, not the discharge into the atmosphere of gas and carbon dioxide, therefore, is known as "green technology".

Answer: the background have no capital neutral full-time folk organization through the seven years, and it is by many members of the dedication. Organization's core values has not been changed, our next to generation -- let Education to realize the dream of every child (Letting Education Achieve Dreams).
ThinkPad Edge is the most ideal blood: do a very ideal magazine
A few like-minded young people come together, and have a very ideal magazine. This sounds simple enough but belongs to the story was born in August 2009 electronic magazine - the very ideal ".
The original team members graduated from tianjin normal university, in the university agency together ever done newspaper. Although each rush thing after graduation from university, but everyone is very aftertaste that struggle together day,Air jordan retro 9 kilroy and so the very ideal "was born, it becomes between team members to sustain the feelings of the link, become common pursuit of ideal work place. At present, the magazine has published six consecutive period, and will continue to stick to it. For the very ideal of positioning, never so absolute, who can now words to limit the future way?.
Q: how to combustion young ideal?
Answer: we each other identity, and have the same dream, then the persistence is a very easy thing.
ThinkPad Edge is the most ideal childlike innocence: a drama influence life
Beijing move shoes children's theater is composed by a group of young people pursuit of ideal established by the children's modern drama troupe, the troupe was founded in 2006, in a short span of four years time, the private non-profit children's theater is every year two speed for the national children bring happiness, hope and dream. Move shoes children's theater rehearsal for every one of drama are touched tens of children, there is motorboat jones for saleno profound truth, no complicated social relations, see will play child can see a simple but profound meaning of the life truth.Light curing technology (UV) is through certain wavelength of ultraviolet irradiation, make the liquid epoxy acrylic resin high speed polymerization and become solid a light processing technology, light curing reaction is essentially caused by the light polymerization, crosslinking reaction. Uv-curable coatings is light curing technology in industrial large-scale successful application of the earliest examples, it is also the light curing industry production and sales of the products, the largest scale great light curing ink and light curing adhesive, and epoxy acrylic is the main uv-curable coatings.
Uv-curable coatings by the original appearance also highlights type, development as the inferior smooth type, grinding sand (imitation metal Pre order Cool grey 9etching) metallic type, pearl type, hot stamping type, texture type, etc., suitable for coating way including curtain coating, roller coating, painting, dip coating, etc. Now the light curing penetrated into all aspects of traditional commodities, goods become more beautiful.

Light curing technology (UV) appear to solve some key stone material surface treatment technology problem: first use UV light wave principle make coating permeability to stone inside and rocky happen connection, when curing reaction after completion of the UV surface also have higher hardness, stone material in use surface don't contact with outer world but coating with the outside contact, when the UV coating damage was very easy to repair, restored. Light curing (UV) curing technology in stone industry will cause a revolutionary change, make the maintenance more quick, convenient, environmental protection, and lower cost.

Difficult and painful and don't let the target firm young people give up their ideal, no day and night is a hard work, change of is recognized by the society, parents satisfaction, more important is the children's favorite. In November 2009, the little puppet three drops of tears "released the first round of the five performances came the 2700 spectators.
Q: how to combustion young ideal?
A: a good ErTongJu can affect a child's a sound. The audience for its applause, the child's enthusiasm, parents' thank we unremitting power. Thank you very much ThinkPad Edge to our help, the future we will be more energy and financial Cool grey 9sresources into play making or acquire equipment, let little shoes play can go farther, let more children can see good ErTongJu.

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