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Pre Order Cool grey 9 2012

Dec 5th 2012 at 12:59 AM

Since the business, in order to make money. And taobao push taobao shop with the same purpose of the wonderful, now excellence, jingdong, dangdang, taobao shop and other network mall played the "platform" brand, in the tens of millions of, or even hundreds of millions of dollars investment heavily create network shopping brand, the network mall motorboat jones for saleare anxious to profit and money - this time, attracting merchants established and corresponding collection "rent" is a good way, the United States it yue is called "platform", average consumer does not understand its meaning.
In the general consumer's eyes,IT times anxiously will this kind of mode called" taobao change ", which caused the consequence is that, although the network mall in merchants to relevant qualification examination, but this is the failure to prevent the generation of fake, frankly speaking, consumers in dangdang, jingdong, etc to buy goods problems of probability is more and more high.Experienced consumers will go to clean out treasure "tao" a bargain, and usually the amount of total consumption is not high, in taobao shopping before has the quality motorboat jones 9 pre orderdefects and fake, may have an psychological estimate, even buy problem goods not were too big loss. And network mall is not the same, consumer is the gold-lettered signboard of quality goods at 100%, often buy LCD TV, air conditioning large commodity, even on the consumer to network mall of all kinds of complaints, but there are still a large number of consumers helplessly think, in the network shopping in the category, the network mall is the most by spectrum of channel. Now see, that's not the case.

Taobao shop: difficult to change,"Brand quality goods mall security", each into taobao mall, the net friend, can be in its home page to see the shining eight word. A large number of buyers at "the real thing" 2 words, from taobao C2C move into the mall's arms. However, cool grey 9sin the last 3 · 15 "taobao mall fake philosophy" report, a lot of consumer are in the mall to buy the fake, now 1 years, has changed?"Taobao first big shop" is v. counterfeits."As long as it is often surf the Internet shopping buyers, I believe that they like me." An ordinary net users with miss wang said: "even if in the so-called 100% quality goods of taobao shop, as long as spend 10 minutes, certainly can find one or a number of fake."

2012 3 · 15 eve, news again will the line of sight of people focus on taobao shop. Guangzhou aromatic nye clothing co., LTD. Will taobao shop "delicate" flagship store and taobao together against the tianhe district court for compensation of 500000 yuanJordan retro 9 kilroy for saleand apologize. The clothing company says, on taobao about 4000 online sales the company enjoy trademark fake commodities, in addition to "delicate" outside, and other dozens of shop online, and even taobao first big shop "lemon green tea".The case for taobao quite a bit embarrassed: according to the mall in taobao, flagship store must be "the enterprise to own brand (R or TM, namely trademark registered success or is applying for registration) in taobao shop," be litigant "delicate" was clearly not to this. Is presented.on this question was, "what did taobao shop in accordance with the audit merchant aptitude?

"The agency application taobao shop in taobao, the mall, agency of taobao shop in......" In the search engine input "taobao shop agent", quickly jump out of many similar information.
After a query, the reporter found two claims to can help complete Jordan 9 retro pre order"taobao shop in" to do STH for sb the person."Excuse me whether can help in taobao shop?" Reporter asked."Of course." A person who claimed to have friends in "new signing group" (responsible for audit taobao shop qualification department) to do STH for sb the person replies."What procedure to need? I have a wholesale channel, but no power.""No problem, 6000 yuan, provide you with two authorized.""I use your authorization in, can sell my own?""Certainly, boutique is so do.""That you give me two authorization is what?""I don't know, anyway I here trademark many, finally can you assigned, sell what you want to sell."While another agent who were asking price of 4000 yuan, as long as we provide business license and tax proof can in half a month to help reporters application is successful. In order to let the reporters assured, the two agents who have played the "annual payment after the" restBred 11s pre order assured brand, "100% wrap you in."

Authorization is "hold"Taobao authorization audit really strict not strictly? In a "taobao mall" merchants gathered group, a purported responsible for a digital shop taobao shop and pin personage, colleagues to how to through the taobao shop audit tips, "we Seagate, Hitachi authorized, all is take someone else's true power PS, authority even official seal all have no, is that the boss himself to sign a name, just this have?" As for brands to the Numbers? "Make up a la, taobao and don't know."Dangdang store street: consumers difficult,Reporter log on the shop, in the "company authorized" inside he had two power - a for western digital power of attorney, a power of attorney , authorization is only a piece of A4 printing paper, and with the national sales director English signatures, and the sales of other such as Seagate, Hitachi and other brand, then do not publish their authorization.Goods return difficult problem,Dangdang shopping arcade mode and taobao mall similar, also attract businessman in, sales of its their goods. olive 9sStore street in April 2010 dangdang when new online synchronous launch, operation so far, businessman in quantity and the sale of goods all have certain scale. At present, this model has bring jingdong mall and excellent scramble to imitate.

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