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Prayer for tolerance--the monster is in our midst

May 11th 2015 at 8:21 PM

Daiyamondo yori Heiwa ga Hoshii (We want peace,For more hot-sale information about Discharge Paste Binder,Hot sale Discharge Paste Binder you can search our official website and buy Discharge Paste Binder. not diamonds), published in 2005, is a haunting account of a child soldier who was shot up with drugs to become a killing machine in Sierra Leone and was later rehabilitated.

And in 2009,For more hot-sale information about Non-Woven Printing Binder,Pigment Printing Binder from china you can search our official website and buy Pigment Printing Binder . Goto released Moshimo Gakko ni Iketara (If I could go to school), which addresses the struggles of a young Afghan girl who could not attend school. These tales are too bitter to chew slowly, so to speak. Yet, Goto deliberately told them to boys and girls. Why? Perhaps he had despaired of adults who refused to lend their ears to what he had uncovered and wanted to tell.

Photojournalist Ryo Kameyama, who sometimes covered the same conflicts as Goto did,For more hot-sale information about Silicone Oil Resistance Binder,Low temperature pigment printing binder you can search our official website and buy Low temperature pigment printing binde lost his left eye to a rubber bullet in Palestine. In his recently published book Senjo (Battlefield), Kameyama says that after the Iraq War began in 2003, many Japanese news organizations became reluctant to send their own staff to the combat zones.

After freelance journalists and others were kidnapped and Shosei Koda was killed (by Iraqi militants), the Japanese media kept hysterically bashing the hostages, asserting over and over that those individuals had nobody to blame but themselves for what befell them, Kameyama notes.

The Japanese media sent freelancers to Iraq with no guarantee of their safety, and disavowed all responsibility the moment a problem arose. That is exactly the sort of relationship you expect between shady agents and the day laborers they recruit. Yet, freelance journalists return to battlefields because they can learn that what happens there is not something we are safely distant from, and that our peaceful life, which we take for granted, actually stands on foundations that are quite flimsy. The hostage crisis triggered a slew of discourse on the Islamic State. Many called it a fanatical terrorist group and denounced it as inhuman. But are Islamic State militants really monsters that defy our power of imagination?

If Taharas observation is accurate, we should be well familiar with their utter contempt for human empathy as something that ought to be completely done away with. The monster is not some faraway existence but is right in our midst at all times. The February issue of the Gendai Shiso (Contemporary thought) magazine ran a feature on what may be termed anti-intellectualism that is emerging in segments of society. Takashi Sakai, an expert on history of social thought, refers to xenophobic, racist and every kind of discriminatory and abusive language that flies around online today. He points out that people who use such language are not really anti-intellectual, but rather subscribe to a form of intellectualism that makes them despise people or things that they condemn as unintellectual.

In March 1762, a Protestant man was falsely accused of murder and executed.For more hot-sale information about Cracking Paste Binder,Hot sale Cracking Paste Binder you can search our official website and buy Cracking Paste Binder. This caused Francois-Marie Arouet, or Voltaire (1694-1778), to call for an end of religious fanaticism in Treatise on Tolerance,noting that all he wished was for humans to become more compassionate and gentler.

Toward the end of his philosophical work, Voltaire addresses God the Creator who he believes is universal to all religions.For more hot-sale information about Low Temperature Printing Binder,Non-Woven Pigment Printing Binder you can search our official website and buy Non-Woven Pigment Printing Binder.

Grant then that we may mutually aid each other to support the burden of a painful and transitory life; that the trifling differences in the garments that cover our frail bodies, in our insufficient languages, in our ridiculous customs, in our imperfect laws, in our idle opinions, in all our conditions so disproportionate in our eyes, and so equal in yours, that all the little variations that differentiate the atoms called men not be signs of hatred and persecution ... .

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