Practical Tips and Considerations for Moving Your Data Centre

Sep 22nd 2014 at 4:10 AM

One of the most curial needs of a business or an organization is a Data Centre, it may not appear as a very critical matter but to have a fully functioning and productive data center is essential to any company. But many companies make mistakes while moving or upgradingthat cost them a lot, monetarily and on the basis of productivity and advantage. So here are some tips for moving your Data Centre.

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Arrange the required accommodations:

What most companies don’t realize is the tremendous proportions of this particular task, while the task of moving or relocating a Data Centre might get too much attention or consideration, it certainly can back fire on you. When moving a data centre it is essential that you have a designated team of workers that can focus on the entire project instead the IT staff. Third Party help can also be very sufficient if designated workers inside the premises can’t be recruited for the job.

Plan each and every aspect before hand:

It is vital to keep each and every step in mind, to plan and to visualize it before actual work begins. This will eliminate any chance of hassle or inconvenience in between the procedure and a perpetual flow throughout the procedure will be maintained. There lots of things to plan before moving a Data Centre, for example, arranging the perfect accommodation that fulfills the power and server, also a team of workers that can overlook multiple tasks unlike any other tool or software out there.

Strategizing your Virtual and Cloud move:

A survey has shown that most companies still use Data Centre technology that is from 2007 or older. This is the main reason so many companies are working on or plan to move and upgrade their Data Centre facilities. This is a very good opportunity to strategize your plan and go virtual. Most companies prefer to digitalize themselves to rid themselves of paperwork and shelving data. So, while you’re up and at it, make a smart move to upgrade to Cloud.


Another advantage of your Data Centre having virtual and Cloud facilities is that you always have your data and logs backed up and secured from where you can easily retrieve them in case of an urgency or emergency.

Management Proficiency:

As mentioned earlier in this post, a designated team of professionals or third party assistance is essential to execute data centre moves seamlessly with 100% success. Relocating all devices from the former data centre to the new one is a very tremulous and tremendous task; you need to prepare everything and pay attention to every detail for executing this step.

Once the devices have been relocated, it is essential to use a fault free technique or a pre-built tool that can assist the members of the staff to carry out the task, these are mostly purpose-built modules and Data Center Relocation programs. However, these programs are not of any help just on their own, so one can’t stress enough on the importance of a professional team.

A data centre move can be daunting

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Transportation and assembling is also something that should be carefully looked upon and communication between all workers to the base unit makes a tremendous difference and helps a lot.


These are the few essential steps when it comes to moving a Data Centre to a new location or upgrading it. Most companies try to invest as little as possible in Data Centers and this can cause lots of inconvenience, turn in to a total mess and instead of saving a company money time, it might turn into something that has consumed it.




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