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PowerPathGDI help you making USD31,220/month by teamwork system!

Aug 14th 2010 at 6:47 PM
By helping others we are also helping ourselves.

First off, I'd like to congratulate you and say, Welcome to the team! If you are new to internet marketing, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because you have joined a team that really cares about YOUR success!

With so many scams and so-called 'Gurus' who just take your money and run, it's easy to start to believe that everyone has an agenda. I'll be honest, we are no exception. We have an agenda, but ours is different.

This teams founder, Dawn Smith, built this system on one simple concept. "people who are making money don't quit"! So, in order for us to make a sustainable income, we need to have a successful downline. Makes sense? If I just recruit for myself as fast as I can, with no regard for those I bring in, they will all eventually drop out as most will not be able to recruit and keep more than 1 or 2. This is NOT the way I want to make a living. I imagine it is not what you want either. SO, how do we do things?

The way we do things is very simple. Promote your Portal URL Link, and the system assigns 6 new sign ups to each member when it is their turn in the rotator. That means that the system will FILL your downline 6 wide, and 5 deep! All you have to do is send 600 visitors a day or more using free traffic exchanges! If you'd like to do more, go for it, it can only increase your downline.


You haven't seen anything yet. Your future is sooooo BRIGHT with PowerPath! You must have been specially chosen to be part of this group.

I have been SO excited for this day to arrive; I can't believe it is finally here. I know you will all be extremely impressed when you read this memo through to the end.

So here it is

First off, the program itself is called My Money Fish...

Now for the benefits... In no particular order of awesomeness...

#1 - Everyone has a chance to succeed in this program, even those at the bottom. Once we have filled a matrix (Powerpath only members) we will then open a position with the person at the bottom of our matrix, basically reversing the list. Meaning, everyone who was at the bottom, now gets a chance at the top. We will continue in this fashion indefinately. The actual flipped account will remain private to stop anyone slipping into a position they arent suppose to be in, so rest assured you will be at the top. (The time to flip the matrix is unknown, please don't ask for an estimate.)


#2 - Same monthly price as GDI (actually less... $9.95), but double the return on investment in half the time of GDI ($2.00 commissions per downline member instead of $1.00)

#3 - ENORMOUS catalogue of downloadable ebooks, videos, and software. This is the membership product and the service is to gain access to this anytime you need it. There is too much to list.

#4 - There is no need to advertise this opportunity.

#5 - Forced Matrix where everyone only needs 10 downline members to succeed! As a powerpath member, you will receive your 10 through our system.

#6 - After filling out 4 MyMoneyFish levels, your MONTHLY income is $22,220. That by itself is more than DOUBLE your income potential as a single account PowerPath GDI member. Add your $9330 per month from GDI and that's $31,500 Per Month. CRAZY!!! I know!!! We haven't even considered a third or fourth income stream yet!!!

#7 - Founding member positions are available until the 1st of February (meaning they will advertise to 10,000 prospects for you after full launch.) - Please Note** The My Money Fish Founding Member offer date changes each day on their site, but that's just their pre-launch marketing. Also to qualify for an Elite Founding Father, accounts must be paid for within 3 days of registration. Also if you miss this date, you can still buy a Founding Father position from MMF.

#8 - Founding members get placed in the exclusive Founding Fathers' Randomizer FOR LIFE and TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE where the company will have 24/7 promotions running every day once it officially Launches, like 50,000 - 100,000 hot prospects contacted daily through their state-of-the-art marketing system, online and offline advertising, etc.

#9 - A portion of the earnings go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

#10 - We WILL put our members into profit faster while waiting to build the GDI 6x5 matrix to completion.

I'm sure I've missed other benefits, but those are the main ones that come to mind right off the bat. As other income streams will always remain optional in PowerPath, the potential downsides are hard to imagine.

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