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Powerful Yet Easy AutoBlogging Tips

Jul 11th 2010 at 10:42 AM

Powerful Yet Easy AutoBlogging Tips

If you are focused on using autoblogging software or a wordpress plugin that automatically updates your blogs, then there are a few pieces of advice that you need to pay attention do.

While autoblogging may seem like the easiest thing in the world, there is a reason that some people are making a lot of money while others fail.

Donʼt get me wrong, autoblogging is profitable when done right, but there is often a fine line that you must

So to make sure that you become one of the success stories with your autoblogging software, here are a few
tips that I have compiled after years of testing and running different auto-blog campaigns.

Stay Focused and DO NOT Go Overboard

Once you get your hands on autoblogging software, it is very tempting to run wild and start creating and
publishing new blogs all over the place. On top of that, it can also seem like a good idea to create one
monster blog that covers a vast array of subjects.

Both of those instances are two of the best ways to ensure that Google and other search engines mark your
site as spam and refuse to rank them high for a number of keywords.

Which is why resisting that temptation and building small, focused, and targeted blogs around long tail
keywords is a far better decision. By settling on a smaller niche there is also far less competition, that could
have a lot of unique content, to compete with.

Sprinkle in Unique Content

While the purpose of autoblogging is to avoid having to purchase or write unique content, your prime goal is
to ensure that your blogs look as much like valuable, authority websites as possible.
One of the best ways to do this is to create and add unique content to your blogs every now and then in
order to prove your overall value to the search engines. You can add a quality article of your own or hire a
ghostwriter now and then to spice things up a bit. Easier yet, you could even just add a paragraph or two to
the scraped content now and then as a unique introduction or conclusion.

Also consider little additions such as a unique About Me page or other intriguing pages.


Keep Content Varied

You do have the option to grab content from your favorite sources and sites when autoblogging, but
switching things up and varying the content you use is a must if you want to succeed. If you research and
analyze autoblog sites you will notice that those with unique content and content from a variety of sources is
often doing far better than those that take their content from one or two places.

Or autoblogs that simply focus on hundreds or thousands of clickbank products.

Donʼt Forget to Promote

Autoblogging is supposed to be easy and the goal is to put your profits on auto-pilot, but that doesnʼt mean
that you can sit back and just rake in money without doing the work.

A lot of people fail in the industry because they set up autoblogs and then just wait for them to grab all kinds
of traffic and gain popularity.

Donʼt do this.

Promotion is crucial if you want to succeed, and you need to start promoting your sites if you hope for visitors
to find them and start clicking around or buying products.

Obviously there are a lot more tips and tricks when it comes to autoblogging, but this should provide you with
a valuable building block to start from. Use your software to your advantage, but stay focused, promote your
sites, and do what you can to prove the value of your sites to search engines and your users.

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