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Please Stop Using Generic Stock Photos For Your Business!

Sep 24th 2015 at 4:48 AM

Today we are all surrounded with photos on our phones, computers, tablets and other devices. They are helping us to learn and explore, and are very important in presenting our business to future customers.

Looking at a high quality photo is pleasurable and helpful in deciding if we are going to buy the product intended, thus it is of immense importance to have personalized photos made by a professional photographer. Being recognized means having a distinctive identity in business word and it is way past time to rethink the use of generic images in setting it.

Recycling Photos

Generic photos can be found all over the internet and it often occurs that one photo is used by several sites or companies. When a photo is recognized, it shows that no one took care of making its business stand out in any way.

Moreover, if a photo is used more than once a product can’t be connected to it straight away or it can recall a completely different one. Since it was proven that people tend to pay more attention to real photos then the generic ones, it is likely for your product to be forgotten quickly.

Authentic Product

Authenticity is much valued today since when you have new and growing company you need to stand out. A photo with people sitting at a conference table with a white background and smiling while having a conversation just looks staged, which is what a stock photo is suppose to look like. On the other hand, when someone from your office makes some photos with their phone it looks more natural and real. When a company sets a Facebook or Instagram account it opens itself to everyone showing its uniqueness by using photos.

Real or Not

Nowadays, stock photos have numerous opponents with strong arguments against it underlining and suggesting that if a company presents itself with unreal photos, clients might perceive it as some kind of a fraud.

If only unemotional photos of some randomly selected people are on the display, it is not strange to ask yourself if it is reliable to do business with such a company.

Photos That Make Sense

Another important matter is that if you exaggerate with putting photos for the sake of filling your website, nobody will want to look at it. Before you design a page on your site, ask yourself what meaning and emotion you want to convey with the content of the page.

Since you certainly want to evoke a sense of energy, engagement and competence, think what kind if imagery will communicate to site visitors and meet those objectives. If you really think about what you want people to feel or know when they visit your site, you'll come up with plenty of ideas for high-impact photos.

Why Is Indie Photography Better

Taking pictures of your office and co-workers tends to feel more intimate and real since clients can see actual people in their work environment. Investing in personalized photography could be money well spent in order to present yourself as highly professional and genuine.


A story about you and your business is the key element displayed on your website and visual elements should only enhance the content, making your site an attraction for prospective clients.

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