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Play The Game Or Become The Game

Mar 10th 2011 at 8:12 AM

I love the analogy of comparing Network Marketing to the wild because in the wild you're either the winner or the loser, your survival depends on utilizing what you've learned from those before you and acting on it knowing that if you let down your defenses for a second you could become lunch for the predators. When I mention game in this instance I'm not talking about playing games in the literal sense, what I'm referring to is that when you make the mental shift you'll notice that everything in life is sort of a game because all games have rules and when you learn the rules of the game you can play too, when you neglect to learn the rules to any game you've lost before you played. There are rules to every game, even nature has rules, there are rules to life in general, rules to being a good mate, parent employee, employer and so on.

Again, once you make the mental shift like I have you see all the games and their rules, there are rules to blogs, articles, press releases, network marketing, home businesses, Google, SEO, leads, lists, sponsorship, mentorship. If you're wondering what my goal is with my mind shift series is its simple, I want to build my list with loyal followers but more importantly I want to help the complete newbie learn to make the correct decisions when it comes to their wallets and credit cards and if I get a sale in the process thats always a bonus. I'm completely transparent about my motives because its much more easy to remember the truth than the original lie people tell, when you lie you not only have to remember the original lie you told but you have to pile 10 more lies onto the original lie, the problem is when people make the mental shift we remember the original lie you told.

Don't become the prey to these weasels, take the extra time to do your due diligence and before you know it you will have arrived at the beginning of your personal mental shift and you'll wake up one day and have that AHA moment, you'll say, I can't believe I fell for that, all day. Don't let people tell you that everything is a process, you're not Cheese, the process is an illusion, action is what matters in this game, learning, executing and testing. Remember, I'm not exempt from becoming the game either if I get caught sleeping at the wheel. For those of you who are re-thinking your advertising budget stop bu our Elite Advertising Services and fill out our short form and I'll have someone call you ASAP and we'll talk about what we can do for your business.

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