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2 years ago

Piling Pennies!

Dec 9th 2010 at 10:43 AM

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Most people credit the sage Benjamin Franklin for the oft quoted "... a penny saved is a penny earned!"

Are you discovering that people are pretty reluctant to turn loose of those pennies these days as you work to build your online program(s)?

Maybe it is the shear volume of great things to choose from?  Maybe people have been "burned" too many times in their previous attempts at generating earnings online?

A great way to get beyond their reluctance to accept your recommendation(s) is to help them generate some money first and then show them how they can leverage those initial earnings into additional tried and proven sources.

The good news is that this is becoming easier to do with the addition of more and better quality paid-to-click (PTC) type programs.  Here are some of the ingredients that I look for:

* free member level

* at least two levels of referral earnings

* expanded earnings capabilities for upgraded members

* longevity of the program

* ease of use

Currently there are only five programs that I recommend to folks to get them up and earning ... this keeps it manageable and duplicatable.  For those that want to earn income with absolutely no out-of-pocket outlay my current top recommendation is a unique version of the traditional PTC genre offered as a section of the ever increasingly popular social networking community of womVegas called Surf Sites Paid-To-Rate ... this program is free to join and will pay through ten levels even for the free members ... there is nothing like it that I have seen anywhere else online!  Get people to start here!  By the way, people can withdraw their earnings with an accumulated balance as small as $5 straight into their AlertPay account!  Relatively new in this category, but doing everything they say that they will, is SchnaapKlicks ... this program has a low threshold for payouts to its free members, so it is possible for people to receive earnings in a matter of days and weeks!  Very new to the scene is the KlickBuck program; earn up to $1 a day with a format that makes it a game to see if you can complete the entire board within a 24 hour period.  Two tried and true long term entities round out my five recommendations:  ClixSense and Hits4Pay ... there is a lot to be said for a program being sound enough to build your team over the course of years and know that it is still going strong!  Okay, with just a few minutes a day it is possible for anyone with a connection to the internet to earn real income!  Now what?!

The "now what" can be answered by supplying your own program(s) should you have a great low initial out-of-pocket offering that will help people take that next small step ... it should provide a baby step that can be offered to the masses!  The one I recommend is Brain Thingy because it is a one time $5 out-of-pocket amount that is structured to encourage those joining ahead of you to support YOUR efforts!  The earnings can come in very quickly.

We have moved from piling up pennies to earning dollars from those cents.  The people you have help are both appreciative and willing to listen to any additional recommendations you make!  What do you offer next?  How about a system that will fill in the gaps for the new and enthusiastic online marketer?  The Definitive Wealth Guide is another one time out-of-pocket small amount that provides immense amounts of useful information and resources vital to the long term success of any online marketer.  If you would rather have a system like the Definitive Wealth Guide that can be wrapped around your own program then the same developer has the Radical Wealth Formula that was designed to do exactly that!

There you have it ... a road map that anyone can follow to begin their journey and accelerate their progress to make money online.

Much success to you!




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