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Sep 14th 2010 at 3:57 PM

In the Original animated TV series: The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (1961). There was for the first-time that I can recall of Choice Decision in the Title. This is what I've Done with this article. A blast from the [Applies to or how to deal with aspect...] Past and Revelancy.

(Choice of Title)

Is Face-to-Face Adaptable to IM Pracabilities? 

Are you in a hurry to make money?

How to make money?


(Content of Choice)

What does the person Need and Want on the other end on-line?

Do I Know What they Need and Want?

Is it Just a Guessing Game; Am I About the person on the other end or Am I about me?

As an IMer, there's a focal point that you have to be Committed to Shelf at the Very Start! [Mind you Not 86 = Not Thrash! Just Separate at this point for your achievement on a Continuum basic.] Your business and its place of important in the business cycle: a) the Primary concern, for Starters! Bringing up the rear is the product or service and its placement of importance. Yes, (I just heard someone's thought process, manufacture a “Are you Crazy!”)! Again, Yes, What comes first?

The majority of the reader at the beginning of this article may very well believe that this is a simple and Obvious selection process. Let see what you may maintain at the end of this article, Indeed! Many may believe in the Preservation principle of I always the Primary! I am in business to make money. I cannot make money without a product or serviec [to start with]. So, what is all the crazy talk. Well, after and when you do settle down and commit yourself to refocus on “The Reason and Why of Business”. Your end result just may reflect and reset in the horse being in front of the cart thinking. Let see about that.

This article is about causing your thought process to readjust your Priority. That is in the event, that you have not already done so! If so, then cudos to you, from me personally, not that you Need it, just an acknowledgement and confirmation.

What are the Primary components of business? What order will you set for your Success Journey?

Much of the Answers that you will be in search of already lie in the practicable activities that you now find yourself doing. It really is that Obvious. It is one of the Most Overlooked aspect of Success and Failing... Failure is not inclusive in this conversation if you will, simply due to the Fact that Failure = Stop Activity = to Quit! This aspect | Failure cannot Ever even be considered an Option, Period, into any achievement Persistence!

So, we are in business with a product or service. We expect the customer | clientele | marketplace to arrive and say give me all that you have! [Nice, thought right? Wrong! That's a Nightmare! An Deceiptful Fairy Tale of a Daydream or Nightmare. What financial profit, or prosperity income is there in that practice? And by the usage of the word profit, is not Ltd. to finances alone. Remember, when you refresh you thought process to the expansiveness of definitions of lexicons we all use everyday. When you learn you prosper. When your health is strengthen you prosper. Et cetera!] I Luv music and there is a track for jazz lovers. The artist's name is: Lonnie Liston Smith. He created a song called “Expand Your Mind”. It is Not New, though, forever relevant! So, Knowledge is said to be Power, I = it to Ability to Do! Now comes the wisdom and understanding in Getting It Done!

A business mind Must Adapt! What is the business mind's homework [if you will, homework, I Hate (just being Honest with you and myself) it! With a Passion! Still, it is a Staple (the Nitty-Gritty that no ones wants to talk or really tell about) to the Success Journey of the business mind!] Focus is not by itself relevant.

There Needs to be a Subject to Focus on to complete the business cycle.

Can we agree to that point?

What's the Subject to be Focused upon at all times as the Primary?

In the event, the [so-called] business mind remains focused in the business, Read this Carefully; no business gets done. Secondly, as with the product or service being the focal point, there is no activity, no movement of product or service that will sustain any business long enough to maintain any reputation of being a dependable entity.

Again, we arrive back to the word _ So, we Cycle back to the beginning of this article and the Secret if you will, to the Focal Point that is Critical, Crucial, Necessary for a Success Journey to Start its revolving activities:

What does the person Need and Want on the other end on-line?

Do I Know What they Need and Want?

Is it Just a Guessing Game; Am I About the person on the other end or Am I about me?

The wording inclusive to: on-line is because that is primarily what we are referred to as being. IM = I-net Marketers. The I in my reference to Internet or internet, may be seen also the a Prime reason for the Obvious Overlooked lesson of business failings. The lack of consistent productivity and repeat sales. After all, are not we in the business for more than just 100 sales? Who's the Subject of Sales?

The i or I gets in the mechanism because we from time-to-time; think more Highly of ourselves than we oft to. Does anyone agree with this? [Be honest with yourself and you may be honest with your customer | client | marketplace.]

O.K., for that Crazy component sector of all this, just may show itself Not to be So Crazy after all... you be the Deciding Judge in this matter. For the Very thought to tackle this article has Indeed refocused my personal commitment to this very Sector for the Reason of the Business, if you will. A customer + a customer; then mulitplied by two equals and continues a repeatable growth process that all IMers may enjoy and be happy about. Just a recent IM faceplater's article rang True concerning the Attitude prior to the start of being and seeing your Success Journey. Surely, being surrounded by your productivity means you Need to Maintain what you're doing and adapt where Needed. It does, however, Need and Must first be a thought about process before it may happen.

Yes, to realize an act of a thought process to dream the plan, to think the plan, to do the plan, to reap the plan. The majority of us do not think like that. Thus, many quote for quote sake: “Fail to Plan, is Plan to Fail”. The lack of prep, in the Nitty-Griity, is a greater portion of that collective enter the Failings and some into the Failure zone. Some do however, fight their way out of what they finally realize is a creation of their very own making. It's changeable!

Just as falling down. In the event, of being in that position, then with your ability to change that circumstance or situation; you just Simply get up again, and continue from there. Also, refresh, to strengthen that aspect.

What we all do from time-to-time is Complicate [I'm Guilty as Charged!] a thought process which overlaps into the practicable process. Not Understanding the Cause, the affects and effects linger much too long. Thus, hindering the all important progress we cherish so much to be surrounded by forever: that being a resourceful comfort zone with our customer|clientele|marketplace!

If this has not assisted you to this point... Stop here and refresh your brain cells as often as Need be.

For the True Focal Subject Component of Choice Decision does Truly Need what you have. That is, in the event, you know what you Indeed have. I Hate this word, 'if'. Anyway, 'if' you find that you either do not possess it or have Indeed buried it. Your acquistion of it; your uncovering and rediscovery of it will “Brighten up your business mind” like nothing else!

What does the person Need and Want on the other end on-line?

Do I Know What they Need and Want?

Is it Just a Guessing Game; Am I About the person on the other end or Am I about me?

Who is that other person on the other end on-line?

Would you think that it just may be that all-important 3rd component that makes your business mind operate. The very reason that you're Choice Decision to be a business mind. Why are you in business?

So, you need and or want to make money. Doesn't everybody need and or want to do that?

So, you need and or want to sell a product or service. (Honestly, you really want to sell?)

So, you have a product or service.

Then what is next and which of the three components is the Most Important? What's first?

Are you relating the Need to Shelf your Primary Focus at some Crucial point of your business life and redirect as you have no doubt witnessed being on-line, that page between processes that you hope is Only there for a twinkling moment. You Need and Want to Get On with it, Right! “Only Fools Rush In”, you may have heard that one sung a few times. The Prep, the Homework is Pertinent!

The Cusp! What the Customer | Clientele | Marketplace Needs and Wants is what you Need and Want! In the event, they do not Need or Want it, what do you have, what are you left with, where do you go from there? Is the Billion Dollar Query Just Staring your Homework activities in the Face. (Not pun intent!) Then the Query remains where is the Prep Targeted upon?

'If' this is not True then the 90+++% failing rate is based on Not being in the Right business model or Not having the Correct Product or Service. These 2 lines are virtually and complete Falsehoods.

Knowing what your Base Needs and Wants, then being the Supplier of the Needs and Wants Makes your Success Journey a Surrounding “1”! 1, that you should do all that's legitimate to remain in a resourceful comfort zone with your Subject components [if you will]. So, what do they Need and Want?

That answer = Solutions! However, the solutions Must be accompanied and Dare I say; Must be Introduced by Earnest, Honesty on our part and their Trust [from our Subject components] in us as a Seamless part of their Choice Decision Making. That Base = our Subject components Must have Absolute Trust in you the Provider or Supplier.

However, do not Get this Wrong! Your focus on the Base = the Marketplace = the Customer, et cetera, is not a Simple Adaptation or Redirect. No! It is not a new or different set of techniques to Spring on our Base. This will require honest, true practicable just as you will accept from an IM's approach to your Needs and Wants. After all, you are Still a Consumer Real-Life, Real-Time! We just learn a little more than the Average Bear!

No! No! No! Though you may refer to it in adjective terms as an approach, et cetera. The Archetype label will not do it Justice! Though, it is selling... it really is not selling! I am Not Eddie Murphy in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise... “Trust me!” Do not trust anyone, make your own Choice Decision and live with its affects and effects. I say throw those techniques out and do the following:

Reshape your thought process into an aid, assist, help process in finding the attachment and allowing that person to personally distance themselves from any problems their have. This in turn places your attention to be seen as an achiever. Their hero! One that has made their life so much easier. Their trust is not from you! It's within their Associated Need and Want to be Associated with you! Simple due to the Fact that you have Allowed their Liberty to be Expressed in Seeing you as a Beneficial Tool to their Need and Want.

You have been Elevated to being seen a Crucial Tool. Think about it for a moment or two. What do you picture when you are looking for a solution. What Image or Picture might your mind create for you?

E.G., You Need to make copies of a document. Your mind sees the machine, you make the connection as to which business mind that you trust [Not their trust in you!] to get the job Done! Think of yourself as that part of their mind's process in making a Choice Decision! Their mind's process is not in action looking for negatives. Their process is as concise and proficient as possible and Might I add Time-Saving! Again, what they Need and Want, you Must be the solution. That is your mindset to become their mindset. Integrated Seamlessly... [Your personal intentions, and allotments Must remain at the Threshold (That encompasses your business, product or service), Prior to any involvment with your Base >again< our Subject conponents.]

O.K. You may not agree with this, however, it does have it similarities to being a professional, yes persona for your Base! Their “Inner Counsel”, in you will. [This may touch on Conduct and Honor Issues.] Aiding and abetting your Base with your the Prime Tool in selecting a Secondary practicable tool; that being your product or service. Which you should have available or be able to provide or perform in a timely manner.

Avoid at all Cost your personal Focus on the adjectives that you associate with your product or service. Remain focused on the Needs of your Base = Marketplace personal Concerns. Your Secondary Tool Solution Aspect is just that awaiting their [your Base's] allowance.

Temperance is Key at the prior moments, and during the coupling your product or service with their Need and Want. Tactic is Critical, Not to be Overbearing. [Don't Turn Them Off; Turn Them On!] The Primary Act = the Seamless Interest in your Solution of your Base!

The Star of the Show is the Base = the Customer | Clientele | Marketplace! Shine the Spotlight on the Star! Everything else remains in the shadows 'Til the Star's Request is Made for that Specific audience to share their Spotlight! The Spotlight isn't for us, our businesses, nor our product or service.

What is Associated with the Star's concerns? Their Needs and Wants! What do they Really care about? What is their Immediate, Chief Intention to be Quenched?

Do not Ever Overlooked that Each and every Need Is Different! Never Cookie-Cut or Overlap your Base's Needs and Wants as a Simple process of show and tell for every meeting. You Only set yourself up to failings.

When the Time does arrive to share the advantages and beneficial of what you have. Stay in tune with what the customer will Associate what they think to what you have. What it may accomplish for their Need and Want. Bring a familiarity to finding added valued treasure to their mental image.

You Need to be... you Must seamlessly integrate in an comfortable assisting Picture to the Need of your Base. The more that you are able to deliver for your Base's satisfaction. It's all about the Intention of the Base's concerns being met. The Greater the Closing of your purchase orders will be. The multiple times you'll excess your bottom-line target!

“Personally, I've a Issue with the Intent of the Phrase: Bottom-Line! No money comes in; no producr or service goes out. Indeed, unless in my point-of-view 'The Closing of our Base's Choice Decision Release Their Money!” It's Their Need being Met!

As with the business and business models of our day ever changing, more complexed; you will need to be capable of the exploration mindset and presenting to your base's various present and (new) concerns.

In dealing with and associating with your base you will definitely Need to a good to great listener! Never sleep on this Fact! In today marketplace being more sofisticated than ever, are your Base's uniqueness of concerning aspects they ask for solutions to. Thus, do not make the Errant decision in a move to close, 'Til you know what their actual concern(-s) truly are!

To have a Conversation, or to have Presentation?

Customized or Specialized your disclosure specifically to each individual customer's Needs and Wants. I caution change your manner of thinking before your next general presentation. In the event, that it isn't flexible at least. And your dedicated to becoming ever better at it.

Think about how things connect to|with your Need and Want when you are presented with a generic company line. People do forgive a lot of things. However, when it comes to the commercials on radio and TV or the sound bits used in the typical pleasing to the ego. That becomes ingrained and annoying. As to your Need and Want addressed are they being satisfied? So do your customer | clientele | marketplace in having their concerns answered?

In Today's environment your Base has their own overload of data and information. They Need and Want the actual Real-Life, Real-Time person-to-person dialogue, just as you would.

What are your concerns that you need addressed? Even to ask about their issues. The Point of Clarity is to Maintain focus on what is in their immediate circle of Best-Interest!

So, the exploration aspect on the a dual adventure-basis, completing the listening to each other. The Need to be Accomplished primarily. This assures to bring the determinative approach in meeting their concerns, issues, needs and wants.

I have attempted to related to your sensibility the Need to have your Base from within their comfort zone have you fit seamlessly into their search for the solution that they Need and Want. Thus, your Successful acknowledgement that they're our Base = our Subject components on which our longevity continually is dependent upon.

Which of a selection, in which you have a Choice Decision, would you prefer: the Real-Life, Real-Time concerns to reach your every Need and Want to satisfaction or the pre-canned or not revelant techniques that assume you will allow them to pick what you Need and or Want? Isn't it Always up to your Choice Decision.

Becoming the Prime Tool, points the way to the serviceable secondary tools of need and want that bring in our Base component's Release of their exchange currencies. Don't lose tracking of what pulls our business and uses our products and services. How do you act or react to treatment you receive from off-line and IMers?

Govern your answer = solutions accordingly! It's yours and my responsibility. No one elses.

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