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Persistent and Consistent

Sep 9th 2010 at 6:16 PM

Just a bit of advice when it comes to earning money - always be persistent and consistent in what you do, especially if you are in business for yourself. Whatever your chosen income source(s) might be, in order to be successful you need to work your business. It never ceases to amaze me when people are unsuccessful with a particular business opportunity and turn their failure on the business rather than taking the blame on themselves. Probably the biggest victim of this misplaced blame lies with the multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. People unreasonably expect that, just by becoming a distributor, they will make their fortune in 'this business.' This could certainly be the fault of unscrupulous recruiters, however - people that are also declaring unreasonable earnings saying something akin to, 'Just sign up (and pay $XX.xx for the kit) and you will make a fortune.' Of course, that is just not the truth. It is these people - the lying recruiters - that leave a bad taste for MLM. While it is true that some of these 'opportunities' are nothing more than well-disguised scams, there are a fair number of opportunities that are real and can allow you to earn a substantial income if you work hard enough at it.

I know what you are saying, though... "If I wanted to work hard, I would just stay in the job that I currently have working for someone else." The difference is that I said that you have to work hard enough to earn money. For different money earning opportunities, hard enough means different things. This article is going to detail several different money earners and what it takes to make them work for you.

Paid to Click Opportunities

Paid to click opportunities, or PTC, are simply that - you get paid each time that you click on something, usually advertisements. The amount of money earned per click is usually about $0.01 (one cent), though some rare ones pay better and quite a few pay a lot less. Of course, doing the PTC by yourself is mostly futile if you plan to earn a fortune. With PTC to be lucrative, it is necessary to build a team of clickers under you. How much you earn from your team is also dependent upon the individual PTC program. Again, some pay quite well while others require a considerable effort to realize and true earnings. Here are a couple of examples of the better PTC programs available:

NeoBux - This is one of the best PTC programs that I have ever seen. NeoBux offers ads that pay either $0.01 per click or $0.005 (yes, 1/2 of a penny) per click for their free members. Each ad can be clicked once per day. Some ads - usually the $0.005 ads - are only available for a short time - while others are persistent and can be clicked daily. NeoBux also offers referrals. Referrals can either be personally recruited people or they can be rented. I know, it seems silly to pay for referrals in order to earn money - but it works as long as the referrals are active. Fortunately, inactive rentals can be exchanged for active ones. Rentals cost $0.25 each for 30 days and you earn $0.05 per click that they make during that time (which can be extended). So as long as they make more than 50 clicks in 30 days, you earn money from their effort. They offer two membership plans - Standard and Golden.

ClixSense - ClixSense is also a PTC program that asks you to click on ads. The standard payment per click is $0.01, but I have seen ads paying as much as $0.10 (though rare). ClixSense has two levels of membership - free and premium. Premium members have more ads to click and also earn more money from referrals. ClixSense is different in that ads are offered until their prescribed number of clicks, as set by the advertiser, are reached. It is beneficial to visit ClixSense several times throughout the day as ads are constantly being submitted.

Paid to Read Opportunities

Paid to read opportunities, or PTR, are very similar to PTCs. The primary difference is that PTRs will send you an email bearing the advertisement rather than having you log in to their site. This tends to be a little easier to manage as you are made directly aware that there is an ad to view. The downside is that there doesn't seem to be as many ads when compared to PTCs. On the other hand, most of the PTRs that I have seen pay $0.02 per ad rather than $0.01.

InboxDollars - Well, cents ad up to dollars, so the name is not wrong. InboxDollars actually offers a lot more than paid emails. They also have offers, surveys, and tasks to complete for which you can be paid. As well, they pay for referral activity. InboxDollars also has two membership levels, but they operate a little differently. When you accept your first payout you are also awarded a Gold membership.

Hit$4Pay - Hit$4Pay really is more of a PTC than a PTR, but they do send emails to alert you about new ads. Hit$4Pay pays $0.02 per ad read and $0.01 for each ad your 1st and 2nd level referrals read. Again, where you are sent reminder emails, this PTR program is a little easier to maintain than the PTC programs.

Paid to Surf Opportunities - Traffic Exchanges

Paid to surf or traffic exchange opportunities pay you to view other websites - usually for 10-40 seconds at a time. The primary goal of these programs is to bring traffic to your website(s). As such, not all traffic exchanges also offer money as a reward, but some do. Using traffic exchanges can be a useful recruiting tool, but they do tend to require quite a bit of your time to generate any real results. Be aware that many other programs, such as AdSense, do not agree with traffic exchange programs. Using them to promote your content can nullify any revenue that you might have generated from them. As such, some traffic exchanges will not approve any sites that have AdSense ads on them.

EasyHits4U - EasyHits4U has two surfing options: a one for one exchange and a one for two exchange. With their one for one exchange, you will view websites for a minimum of 20 seconds and will receive one credit for each site viewed. With the one for two exchange, you will receive 0.5 (1/2) credit for each site viewed but the timer is reduced to 15 seconds from 20 seconds. This is beneficial if your main goal is to earn money with this program. EasyHits4U pays $0.30 for every 1,000 pages viewed. Plus, there are several opportunities to win more credits, money, and banner or text impressions at various intervals. Because this is primarily a traffic exchange, referrals will earn you a one-time cash award of $0.10 once they have surfed 100 pages. You will earn up to 10% of the credits earned by your referrals. Oddly, one of the most viewed types of site seen on traffic exchanges is the recruiting page for other traffic exchanges. Traffic Showdown - Traffic Showdown just recently added the paid to surf feature.  Similar to EasyHits4U, they now pay $0.30 for every 1,000 sites viewed.  The surf timer is only 10 seconds so 1,000 sites is achieved very fairly quickly.  Credits are earned at a rate of .5 per page surfed when you first start surfing each day but increases per page as you surf more pages.  As well, they offer 'power surfing' when credits earned are doubled.  This traffic exchange has both free and upgraded memberships.

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities

These tend to be the most lucrative opportunities, but they also require the most effort to realize a profit. However, once you have established an active team, you can be earning a substantial residual income. The most important part, in my opinion, in finding the right MLM to work with - in my opinion - is to find the right product(s) for you to market. If you do not truly support the products that you are marketing, you won't be successful for very long - if at all. MLM opportunities focus on two things - selling and recruiting. Without working both aspects of the business you will not be able to succeed. The ultimate goal is to duplicate yourself - find people that are dedicated to the product and to earning money and help them to succeed so that they will do the same for others.

GreatLife International - I have detailed this opportunity in another article so I won't repeat it here. This is, however, one of the better MLM opportunities that I have seen. It is structured as a binary system which means that you will only ever have two teams. You can recruit as many people as you like, though. After your 1st level is filled, any new recruits will be placed in your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. levels until they are filled. This means that you will be helping to fill your sponsored affiliates teams just as your sponsor will be helping to fill yours. I will further discuss this opportunity in future posts, so stay tuned!  GreatLife International has only one product - VIDACELL.  To learn more about this product, I invite you to read my blog: My Journey to Wellness.

SFI - This is about as different from GreatLife International as you can get. While the foci are the same - selling, recruiting, and sponsoring - the commission plan and products are completely different. SFI uses the TripleClicks domain as the storefront. Each affiliate has their own store from which they can sell the products offered. The product offering is constantly evolving. Like many other MLM opportunities, SFI offers everything from hand soap to business tools. Affiliates are even able to list their own personal items for sale and these items will be made available through every SFI affiliates' stores. The truly nice thing about this program is that it will never cost anything to become an affiliate, though you do need to be actively generating business to remain active. As I stated earlier, you will not be successful without effort. Just because it is free to be an affiliate with SFI does not mean that you will earn money without working for it.

All of the opportunities listed above require a certain amount of effort. In all cases, the greater the effort on your part, the greater your earning potential will be. Sell (or click) more and you will earn more, recruit more active affiliates and your earnings will multiply. The best advice that I can give is to not give up too soon. Work your chosen business - whether it is one or more of the above or another more suited to your personal taste and abilities. Be persistent with your recruiting and consistent with your working (clicking, selling, etc.) and success will follow.

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