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Persistence Always Pays In MLM.

Aug 14th 2010 at 7:44 AM

by G. Coleman


The Mindset There are many things that successful people have in common but in my opinion one thing seems to be more essential than anything else. One of the most significant ways to be successful in life and in network marketing is by being "Persistent". It is one thing to have a solid vision of what you are trying to accomplish and of course it is also important to create a plan for achieving your goals but without persistence it is unlikely anything rewarding will ever manifest. I would venture to say persistence is the glue that keeps everything from falling apart.

Success is like a magnet. When it comes to attraction, more than anything else we seem to have a natural tendency to attract to people who are successful. Is it that they exude a certain confidence that that draws us in like moths to a flame? Before I go any further I want you to remember this, success is not always measured by how much money a person has. Even people with no money can still captivate us if they simply have a magnetic personality, some would call it "charm".

In addition people who demonstrate that they know how to be consistent and back up their words with positive action, along with those individuals with drive, those who have the will to not give up, people who display these amazing traits seem to have a knack for getting our attention. As a result of this fascinating ability, somehow they seem to transcend financial and social boundaries, attracting us to follow along to see how the story will end. I guess its simply natural for people to want to follow or surround themselves with people who have achieved some type of success. When you think about it, the thought of someone achieving fame, prestige or celebrity by following a personal dream is quite attractive. It gives us hope and after all... isn’t that the whole premises of attraction based marketing?


So why would attraction and success be any different for network marketers? If we are all working for success why is it that 9 out 10 marketers are failing? Why is it that only the top 3% are making any real money in the industry? Why are so many people going from one opportunity to another without success? As we all are aware of there are some MLM companies out there that are not as financially rewarding as others so their member move on to something else. Realistically looking at the failure rate in MLM it is probably more closely related to marketers that are NOT persistent in one way or another. Thus they focus on all the things that hold them back and create excuses that they can live with to justify why they moved on to something else.


The Application and Adaption Of Knowledge Persistence in MLM means having the right mindset, not giving up on goals, educating your self to the industry and doing things that build toward success. When it comes to marketing it is about knowing what’s hot, what’s not and how to adapt then apply the knowledge. Right here is where people get lost figuratively and literally. If they are not serious about their business it shows like cracks in the armor. As network marketers we can reads all the right books, watch the best training webinars and listen to the most successful marketers in the business but without the proper application of the things we learn, even the most eager martketers stand a strong chance of giving up.

I taught special education in public and charter schools for a few years and during that time I discovered something that makes so much sense and people often take it for granted. That is the act of learning by itself is only half of the process of empowering one's self. If you don’t understand how to apply the knowledge you have gained then what have you really achieved? It’s like buying a car, a map and all the gas you could ever need but you have never driven a car before or even read the driver's manual. You will be all over the place… until someone helps you.

Once someone teaches you how to effectively apply what you have learned, they show you how the tools work together to produce results such as a Steady Stream of Leads, Opt-ins and Cash Flow, then you will start to feel Empowered and want to achieve more. You become qualified to teach others through your lessons learned and by your example you will present yourself as having a much higher value to those that look to you for guidance and marketing leadership. At this point, the "attraction process is underway". Now you’ll be more willing to step outside your comfort zone and aspire to conquer bigger goals.

In education the application and adaption of knowledge is sometimes referred to as “Quad D” learning, this is when you are mastering the ability of “doing” through the “use” of knowledge. Don’t get me wrong not all success in network marketing is achieve in this manner, there are some people who just get lucky and join a company at the right time. But overall most us have to find someone that can teach us how to apply what we are learning in MLM. This requires us to be persistent about seeking out leaders and aligning our selves with them. And with this persistence we will eventually learn and apply new strategies to becoming better marketer of our MLM business. Without this commitment not much will change, not much will be gained when it comes to the growth of your business.

Persistence Always Pays Off So when you have that feeling like you don’t know what to try next, try reassuring your self then reach out to the leaders who have proven themselves to be productive and successful.

* Be Persistent.

* Take Positive Actions.

* Apply your knowledge to true Money Making activities.

* Reward yourself for your achievement.

Then do it all over again... Persistently!

Before you know it you will have your own Massive following.


By G. Coleman, 12/17/2009

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