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Having been self employed most of my life I understand the demands and needs of individuals and small business owners.

Online marketing is forever advancing at a pace that can overwhelm the average individual. Most people don't have the time to learn all that is involved. The greatest dilemma we face online is information overload.

I have always loved helping others succeed in life all the while maintaining simplicity and a balanced life.

I am tired of the B.S. and Snake Oil salesmen on the internet. Simple works, system works, and team works. Violate any these and you get an experience in what not to do.

Practice using proven systems, and tools with quality mentoring and you build wealth.

The bottom line is simply this. I help you to achieve your goals and market yourself online effectively without all the hype and without feeling like you have been ripped off.

Learn how to make your monthly income your annual income.

Enjoy Life and Keep It Simple
John Fuller | JohnFuller
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3 years ago

Performance Based Marketing? The Greatest Business Model of the 21st Century...

Mar 14th 2011 at 5:24 PM

I have been a small business owner for many years in the offline world I am always looking for cost effective marketing. Direct mail, post card marketing, yellow pages, coupons, and anything that put my business infront of as many customers as possible that would create an instant return on my ad dollars was the only thing most of us ever knew.

When the economy took a turn for the worse the return on investment went out the window. I was happy to get a $3 return for every dollar I spent on these forms of ads. But now it was costing me $3 dollars for $1.00 I got back in customer spending. Only the government can survive on those kinds of Business was going backwards so I needed a new strategy like so many of my business associates.

I remember talking to my advertizers and asked them if they would be willing to keep advertizing my services for a percentage of the sales. The end result was a definite, "You have got to be kidding>>>" The reason they would not do this is because they knew their marketing efforts were no longer cost effective but they keep selling the c*** anyways.

I went to online marketing and that was a tremendous return on my investment. Somewhere between $10 to $15 return for every dollar I spent on marketing. Then something even better has come along and the local business community is so thankful that someone starting offering performance based marketing. What is it?

Performance based marketing means that when a company promotes your business you only pay based on the results not the exposure. The local business wins, the marketer wins, the consumer wins. This is totally changing the way business is being done. As a matter of fact this company was offering $6 Billion dollars for it's business model and they said,"NO..." This new form of marketing is rocking the local business community and stimulating better than any government bail out will ever do.

What I have found with most online marketing today is the same thing I was finding with old school marketing for the offline world. It's taking more money out of our pockets than into our pockets. The online guru's are raping innocent entreprenuers by their high priced info products which I have found to be useless most of the time and all the information products bombarding our emails are becoming very annoying.

The only way to succeed in any business is to find real products, real value, real savings and real services. Profit sharing is the way of the future. One such company is creating a win/win situation that is well deserving of your attention creating a win/win for everyone and the amazing thing is that it is totally free... click here to take a look and watch the free videos. No sign up required to watch the videos.

Wishing you the best of success in all you.

Enjoy Life by Keeping It Simple


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