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Pellet Machine Interventions Offer Cost Effective Energy Option In The Form Of Organic Pellets

Mar 19th 2015 at 3:26 AM

We now try finding out the ever greater energy sources of diversity and value to our economic activities. We have been greatly successful too in our endeavors of the last century and have been exploiting the petro and coal deposits in different parts of the world.

However, the demand has swiftly outpaced the production and exploitation of the fossil fuels as the main energy source. This has led to the price escalation of the energy products and the emergence of the demand for economical power as also its sustainable usage. The latest interventions are therefore directed towards finding new ways to optimize the fuel capacity as also to find such options that have been otherwise discarded as waste. Cogeneration and biomass power projects are the excellent examples in this direction and are being successfully replicated throughout the world. More localized products and machines include the pellet mill and shredders what are aimed at utilizing the organic and bio wastage and wood by products from the primary to down to secondary and tertiary industries.

Search for the viable alternatives

The demand for the domestic heating in the colder nations is a robust and constant one and something which cannot be offset. Till the last decade, there has been heavy dependence on the natural gas and oil for fueling the domestic heating systems and fireplaces. These trends grew in the modern era as demographic footprint got further extended to cover the wilderness and untouched swathes. However, with the passage of time the natural gas prices went up exponentially and the need for substitutes was felt that could serve economically the rising demand.

Wood pellets have been such intervention in this regard and are driven by the concept of recycling as also optimizing the value of the product to achieve the max. These are produced by utilizing the organic waste generated from a diversity of verticals including by products like sawdust, industrial wood applications’ residues and other organic waste products from the agro fields. A wood pellet mill is utilized to convert these waste materials into refined and neat pellets that have been particularly processed as for reducing the moisture content to less than 10% so as the generate maximum calorific value. The processing in certain cases is also done to eliminate the probable toxins in the waste so that no harmful gases are produced.

A win win situation!

The wood cum organic pellets have found easy usage in the house heating purposes as also for the limited energy/heat generation needs in the SMBs. A favorable position has been acquired by diversity of small agro processing sector players whereby they are utilizing their own waste and byproducts of zero value to produce wood pellets by housing the Pellet Machine in their operational ambience. Besides, these units have also got rid of the waste disposal as the majority of it is being converted into viable energy products.

The commercial production of pellets is up

The pulls as for the wood pellets have emerged as really strong on account of the low cost quotients that is the defining factor of this energy alternative. Some players have worked out definite linkages to source the waste products and convert it into pellets for direct open sale through enterprise level pellet mill and machines. For more details visit us:

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