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Peek-a-boo in the World of Laser Scanning

Oct 30th 2015 at 6:05 AM

All the discoveries and inventions that have been made till date have benefitted the mankind in some way or the other. However, like every coin has two faces in the same way every discovery and invention has some limitations also. But, all thanks to the technological advancements that keep on upgrading our inventions. Through these advancements we not only try to overcome the limitations but also try to make things better than ever before. Among the many technologies that are serving mankind, the scanning technology has seen a dramatic advancement since it was introduced to the mankind.

From the simple concept of photocopy to fax and then scanning - the journey of printing field has witnessed variety of advancements. And to make things better, the whole printing world has now introduced the concept of 3D. Introduction of 3D technology in form of 3D scanner and 3D laser scanning has surely revolutionsed the whole printing industry. And why only printing industry??...there are many more industries like construction industry, medical industry, automation industry which are enjoying the benefits of 3D laser scanning.

If we talk about 3D laser scanning, it was introduced to the world in late 20th century in order to analyze real world objects more accurately and precisely. In 1960s, the first 3D scanning technology was invented and then in 1985, 3D scanners got upgraded to 3D laser scanners. And with the development of 3D scanners, it becomes far easier to digitized any object in digital 3D model. This technology is generally helpful in the field of research and design. And today, one thing that is appreciable in this technology is that many different technologies can be used to build various kind of scanning device. Even in the category of laser scanners, there is a wide variety of choices to choose from depending upon one’s suitable budget and work requirements.

Even the functional area of laser scanners is vast and wide. Among the many utilities which it offers, some of the major functional fields are:

  • Reverse engineering and prototyping
  • Inspection/Quality control and documentation of artifacts
  • In entertainment industry for the development of games, videos and movies
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics, and
  • Industrial design

With the global acceptance of laser scanning technology by transportation, infrastructure, Industrial, civil engineering and architectural field, this technology is witnessing day by day advancements in its functional and featured areas. With the improvements in its efficiency and accuracy, this technology is now mature enough to deal and digitize typical projects and complex objects. In general, software applications of laser scanning are helping the mankind in data development with reduced cost and time. Moreover, it offers greater accuracy and precision while generating a data for any object.

Some of the other major benefits of laser technology are listed below; take look:

  • Capital budgeting of any project can be reduced drastically by using this technology.
  • Better results can be fetched over quality controls
  • Improved safety measures can be taken on sites.
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