Pearly Penile Papules Removal - Medical Treatment

Oct 8th 2011 at 12:26 AM

Once you have learned about the importance of pearly penile papules and understand his distinction between common mistakes that depth discussion of medical devices for the PPP. Although they are aware that this is a benign condition, it is as important tips on how to remove. The following medical methods to eradicate the PPA says:

1. CO2 Laser
This is one of the processes to reduce anxiety and build confidence among people. CO2 or carbon dioxide laser is designed to evaporate bumps without affecting the skin of the penis. Recovery is said to vary from one to two weeks. However, like any other surgery there are risks involved in this operation. General surgical risks include infection, inflammation, infection, hematoma, scarring, bruising and numbness.

Another uncertainty about the procedure is that only significantly reduce the papules and does not guarantee complete and permanently delete.

The procedure starts with cleaning your doctor or genital papules place "after a local anesthetic cream is applied 30 to 60 minutes. Then ring hollow block of lidocaine around the penis, so that the process is in true drug effect. The next step is carefully CO2 laser burn each PPP. See more details at pearly penile papules removal

After the treatment, recovery is fairly easy. There will be some redness, swelling, scabbing and crusting, mild pain or discomfort, but also for the first few days may take several days. This prevents the patient to return immediately if the injuries are not very well maintained, it can get worse.

CO2-layer treatment also comes with a price of between $ 3000-5000.

2. Radio Surgery
Radiosurgery is also an option to remove the PPP. Most surgeons or physicians to ensure that no sequels, no bleeding or scarring. This is a radio frequency and therefore uses radio waves instead of electricity. Thus, there is minimal damage to surrounding tissues. But of course, the danger of deterioration.

Radiosurgery is also used for other benign skin complications, such as skin tags, warts, moles, sebaceous hyperplasia, and molluscum contagiosum. Before surgery, 30% of the anesthetic called lidocaine cream applied to the treatment.

The recovery period is said to be a seven to ten days is actually a long time in the busy daily life. The disadvantage of radiosurgery is not a person that everyone has a history of keloids, hypertrophic scars, and diabetes mellitus (most) are collected.

Another aspect of the operation of the radio is disappointing that there is no clear explanation of what radio can do for your body. This does not mean that if electricity is not the case, will be safer for our health. Therefore, before considering this as an option for your company, you better think twice and think hard.

Information sources pearly penile papules removal review .

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