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2 years ago

Pain At The Pump!

Feb 9th 2011 at 7:25 AM

The highest prices ever seen at the gasoline stations durning the month of February are beginning to pop up all across the country.

Many areas are now seeing the price for regular unleaded above $3 per gallon ... and thisGas Pump
is in February!  Of course, the traditional time of the year for highest gasoline prices is during the summer months; some industry experts are already predicting the price to reach $4 per gallon this summer, but some areas of the country are already reaching this painful level.

The oil patch does not like uncertainty, so while it is wonderful to see freedom trying to take hold in Eygpt and Tunisia, the near term affect of these yearning to be free will most likely drive prices even higher at the pump.  Just imagine what would happen if the flow of tankers through the Suez Canal is disrupted.  Did you know that around 2.4 million barrels of oil are shipped through the Suez Canal each day ... roughly 10% of the supply.  That fact is certainly being considered by the commodity traders.

With unrest in Libya having devastating affects on the country and its people there is uncertainty of the oil supply from this source (world's 17 largest oil producer).  That uncertainty is reflected in a 6% one day jump in the price of a barrel of oil and then followed just a few days later with another 7.5% one day increase.  The spot price for a barrel of oil is closing in on the $100 per barrel range ... $93.57 as of this update on 2/23/11.

Add to the supply/demand equation that some are predicting around one billion Chinese citizens are relocating to their major urban areas to take jobs and join their burgeoning middle class.  This is the first time that many of these people have ever needed to have a car.  Sales of automobiles in China are predicted to reach 19 million units in 2011 ... most of those new cars will be gas fueled, so the demand on the gasoline supplies by the Chinese is likely to nudge prices higher yet.  Since this is a long term trend, there is good reason to think that the price increases we are now experiencing may remain at or above these levels for the foreseeable future.  Much of the rest of the world is already paying the equivalent of over $6 per gallon, so our days of enjoying prices under $3 per gallon may be behind us.

Americans allocate around 18% of our household budgets for the costs associated with our transportation needs.  Expect this to crowd out other categories as it expands to 20% or more.  And while it is an indirect affect, the price of food is also predicted to increase due to the price increases of fuel that must be passed on by farmers and transportation services alike.  Currently the average grocery budget is around 13% and it is not unreasonable to expect it to balloon to 15%.

Are we likely to feel the pinch?  Oh, did I mention that the energy costs (electricity, gas and fuel oils) is another 12% of the household budget ... guess whether it will expand or contract!

Is your income going to keep pace with these trends?

MPB TodayHave you heard about the little known non-governmental program that thousand are using to reduce or even eliminate the cost of gasoline and groceries from their household budgets?  Take a look at http://GasAndFoodVideo.com for a really good overview video.

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You may already be perfectly happy with your current primary program(s); yet THIS is really no conflict with virtually anything else the majority of us are doing, so it is a nice compliment to your existing portfolio of programs.

People ARE feeling the pain at the pump.  Many of those people do not necessarily relate to many of the things we do to make money online, but they DO relate to the amount they have to spend for necessary items like gasoline and groceries.  This is a program that works extremely well with word-of-mouth as people get excited about having the ability to reduce or even eliminate big chunks of their household budget.

What else can you offer where people have already allocated the money in their household budget so that they can simply keep spending what they are already spending to buy the products that they are already buying ... and actually earn money too by simply sharing with a few folks that this program exist?!

You owe it to yourself to get the facts and make a conscious decision on this program now so that you can share it with others BEFORE they start asking you if you have heard about it!

Yes, some networkers already know about it but only a small fraction have begun to benefit from it ... and even a small percentage of those that are benefiting from it are actively promoting it as their primary program.  When you know what I know about the market trends that this program is positioned in front of, then I am confident that you will want to be positioned with us!

Let's talk.  I would enjoy answering your questions.  Leave them as comments to this article or send me a private message.

To OUR success,


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