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Overweight – An Unhealthy Life

Dec 29th 2015 at 3:13 AM

Overweight – An Unhealthy Life

Talking about fertility and sex organs anyway, it appears that obesity kills your manhood in another way: A reduced penis size. Not only did they seem to disappear because of the limited visibility blocked by the round stomach, but they were even measured in several researches and they evidently shrunk. For every 50 pounds they were overweight, the physician explained, they lost an inch of penis; for some, the penis shrunk to a size as small as 3 inches when erect. The reverse, however, is also true. If a man loses weight, his penis becomes the previous regular size with the same proportions.

At other times, research pointed out that the penis of overweight men wasn’t “actually” shrinking, but started to pull back more into the stomach area, making it “appear” smaller. Whether the one theory is true or the other, the penis seems smaller, often having a negative effect on a man’s confidence. Being heavy or overweight is often ridiculed in society, which creates a low self-image for those who momentarily have a body like that. A poor self-image kills sexual satisfaction.

Another way the penis starts having problems, is by more risks of having erectile dysfunction. Diabetic men and obese men have twice as much risk of having low levels of testosterone, and have 3 times as much chance of having sexual problems, such as delayed or no orgasms, ejaculation problems, and lack of stamina.

Obesity is connected to hormonal imbalance and can hinder sexual desires. The increased body fat creates more sex hormone binding globulins in the system, which is a natural chemical which binds to testosterone. This means that there is a smaller portion of sex hormones left to handle the demands of a regular sex life. On top of that, obesity can lead to fatigue and the development of male breasts. In Japan they already played into that market by selling male bras.

And last but not least: Positions. I am not going to go over all the sex positions and difficulties a heavier body could make impossible. Suffice it to say, physics in general make sense out of the fact that heavier bodies are harder to handle, thus even worsening the desire in one or both partners to sexually interact with each other.

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